Song Challenge Generator

Challenges for song writers, or ideas for describing songs in stories and games.

Your Options:
This commercial jingle/disco song is about newspapers.
This country song is about an apple.
This country/surf song is about mercenarys.
This elevator music song is about a grave robber.
This elevator music/lounge song is about insanity.
This experimental/world music song is about a power plant and an idol.
This folk song is about insecurity and clapping.
This funk song is about watching television.
This grunge song is about a caligraphy set.
This grunge/ska song is about clapping and the future.
This hair metal song is about clapping.
This hair metal/death metal song is about a construction worker.
This hair metal/death metal song is about plant hangers.
This heavy metal song is about media personalitys.
This hip-hop song is about kelin bottles.
This house/r & b song is about dancing.
This industrial song is about wailing and nhilism.
This pop rock/speed metal song is about happiness.
This power metal song is about cans.
This punk/lounge song is about priestesses and reporters.
This rap song is about freedom.
This salsa song is about a comic and a tomb-robber.
This speed metal song is about femurs and restraunts.
This speed metal/bluegrass song is about singing.
This trance song is about a veterinarian.


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