The Nexus

The Nexus is a resource page creative people! From new generators to publishing tools, art sources to useful services, The Nexus is here to take your creativity to the next level!

Art Sources
  • Free
    • Pixabay - A source for art that is free as well as royalty-free. There's a lot here, and much of it is professional.
    • Unsplash - A source for photos that are free as well as royalty-free. The quality is very high.
  • Royalty Free
    • Canstockphoto - A great source for royalty-free art, photos, and more. Has a subscription system and a pay-more-get-more credit system.
    • Shutterstock - The classic source for royalty-free art, photos, and more. Has both monthly and specific purchases available.
Book Reviewers
  • Generator Sites
    • Chaotic Shiniy - A diverse source of generators in a variety of styles.
    • Darkest of Nights - Fantasy-oriented generators.
    • Donjon - Generators for a variety of genres and game systems, some of which provide graphics as well!
    • Dropping-the-form - Generators for various settings.
    • Eposic - Generators - among other imaginative efforts.
    • Fantasy Name Generators - And there are a LOT of them here. About anything you could want, and a few you didn't know you needed.
    • Feath - Generators of various types, conveniently categorized.
    • Generator Blog - Links out to many other generators.
    • Generatorland - Lots of generators and generator tools.
    • Mithril and mages - Generators for a variety of genres.
    • Name Pistol - Band name generators.
    • RanGen - Random generators, from fantasy to helpful writing tools.
    • Serendipity - A generator site with some setting and name generators.
    • - A site of generators and other creative tools.
    • - Home of a complex name generator with many, many options.
    • The Force - A powerful name generator with multiple options.
Helpful Tools
  • Relaxing Backgrounds
    • 4 Ever Transit Authority - Ride the bus through randomly generated art deco cities. A great program to run in the background or on your TV or monitor to relax you while you create.
    • Panoramical - Available on And Steam. Panoramical is an audio/visual remixer where you can tweak settings in multiple environments, turning them into audio/visual displays. Find your favorite setting, leave it on, and relax.
    • Station To Station - A simulated train ride through imaginary environments. Run it in the background or through your television while you create to help relax you
Writing Tools
  • Ebook Creation
    • Calibre - A free ebook creation tool.
    • Jutoh - Not only converts your book to various ebook formats, it's a powerful enough tool that you could even write books in it.
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