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A Way With Worlds started on November of 1999 as a weekly column on creating solid continuities and settings in fiction. It ended in October 2001.

Christian Spliess's Page has German translations in the work.

LATEST NEWS: 10/20/2001:

I am afraid that Way With Worlds is coming to an end. It may be revived or added to, but unfortunately, I don't feel able to continue it at this time.

Originally it had been on hiatus as I juggled changes at work and home - positive ones, but time-consuming. Then the events at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and later Afghanistan, made me alter my priorities, and I found, sadly, I did not have the enthusiasm for the column.

I feel it is a success - some 56 columns in two years is a pretty good rate. The email I recieved was overall positive and I think I managed to help some people out.

And that's worth it.

You can read the parting statement here.

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