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Columns 21-40
  1. Timeline-Based Writing - Using timelines for inspiration and story writing. Worth reading.
  2. Yin and Yang; Utopia Dystopia Cornucopia - Absolute good, absolute evil, absolute writing nightmare.
  3. Sex: A completely boring discussion - Writing from biology to society.
  4. Putting it All Together: Xai - My own experiences in worldbuilding.
  5. World View: Evolving with Alicia Ashby - Taking a simple anime and making something new without changing it.
  6. Yin and Yang: The Deadly Hero - Killer heroes, stereotypes, and bad writing
  7. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed - The largely illusionary quest for originality.
  8. The Paradox of the Badass - Tough characters can be tough to write.
  9. The Stakes - Know who's fighting for what and why.
  10. The Persecution Rests - Bigotry, biases, persecution - and how to write them.
  11. Service, Service - What's worse than Fanservice? Find out!
  12. Crime and Punishment - Crime, law, punishment - and a step-by step way to review these elements and address issues.
  13. More Crime and Punishment - Odds and ends on crime and punishment.
  14. Yin and Yang: Self-Serving Self-Sacrifice - It' isn't self-sacrifice if you do it for yourself.
  15. Timeline based Writing: The Critical Axis - Further expanding on the Timeline-Based Writing column, looking at ways to find coherent storylines when you can't seem to.
  16. Why Are We Doing This? - The first anniversary column of Way With Worlds, and an introspective look at creativity.
  17. Cycles of Conflict - A little psychology applied to writing conflicts, and exploring using a specific theory in your stories.
  18. Losing The Race - Making your own races can lead to creating stereotypes if you aren't careful.
  19. Yin and Yang: Knowledge and Ignorance - Sometimes it's what your character's don't know that's important.
  20. Yin and Yang: Subjectivity and Objectivity - You know what you know - or do you? And what do your characters really know?