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Columns 41-56
  1. The Odds - Just what are the chances of things happening in your world?
  2. Normalcy - Just what is normal in your world - and just what is normal, period?
  3. The March - History is happening as you write, not just when you build your world.
  4. God, Darwin, History - Avoid the three biggest excuses in writing and life.
  5. Parallel Earths - Alternate Earths require subtelty they don't always recieve.
  6. Technology and Terminology - Beware Technobabble! A look at how characters refer to technology.
  7. Communicating your World - Just because you built it doesn't mean readers will understand it.
  8. Playing God - A great way to make your work less than divine.
  9. Without Words - There's more to communications than just things your characters say.
  10. TMI - You may have a world, but writing about it the wrong way can negatively affect your readers.
  11. The Drought - Your readers need to know what's going on - don't disappoint them.
  12. Aslan Meets His Match: Theme versus Setting - A look at the idea of new Narnia chapters, and what it can tell us about worlds and story themes.
  13. Dark Mary Sue - There's something worse than a heroic Mary Sue - a Mary Sue villain.
  14. The Realism Factor - Reality is a two-sided process - or is it one?
  15. Apocalypse How - It's the end of the world, and amrageddon is a lot of work.
  16. And In Closing - Way With Worlds draws to an end.