I appreciate that folks are willing to donate and help out with Seventh Sanctum™. If you want to donate, a few quick things you should know:

  1. It's not tax deductable.
  2. Any donation is considered a gift to the maintainer, me, for the expense of the site and the time I put into it. And thanks, by the way!
  3. If you want a specific generator built, don't send a donation and ask/hope for it. My inspirations are unpredictable, so I never know what will catch my fancy or will have the time for. If you want something built for commercial purposes or similar, I am willing to function as a consultant. You can contact me at my home page.
  4. When you donate, note if you do NOT want me to mention your donation in the "Payment For" section. I hope to acknowledge my donors in some way, but don't want to violate anyone's privacy.

Most importantly . . .

This site isn't going away. I'm accepting donations and running the ads to cover the various expenses, and to give people a chance to help out and maybe get something back, from a product to an acknowledgement.

The site's not cheap, but its not insanely expensive (thanks to my hosting provider and open source software). It's a worthwhile hobby. It's fun to do. I like the people I meet. I love seeing what people do with the generators. I enjoy seeing the creativity people unleash.

If the site's future is ever threatened by expenses, I will make an announcement so people can help out. It is my hope that by giving potential to donate or buy merchandise now will lay a groundwork if I ever do need to depend on it.

So, don't donate out of guilt or fear that the site will go away tomorrow. Donate to give me a hand and help play a part!

To donate, just click below:

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