Humor and Parody

Why be so serious? Sometimes it's good to be silly . . .

  • Action Animals Time for those hard-hitting yet insanely cute animals and animal-alikes we know from comics and cartoons!
  • Evil Animal Minions It may not be serious, but haven't you always wanted to say "Release the radioactive super-intelligent squid!"? Yeah, I thought so.
  • Fangirl Fantasies Produces a plethoria of painfully pretty personagages of the male persuasion. Great hair, mysterious backstories - what more could anyone want?
  • Grimoire of Questionable Spells OK, it's not serious, but it's all in fun. Encounter spells that most sane mages wouldn't use or consider. The question of course is how many sane mages you meet . . .
  • Humorous Fantasy Classes When you're tired of dignity and sensibility . . .
  • Humorous Monsters Dark Forces. Silly Names.
  • Merchandisable Cartoons In a nod to the Great Toy fests of the 80's and 90's, a way to create titles that sound familiar - and highly marketable!
  • Realistic Alignments Makes alignments you'd more likely see in real life. Mostly humorous, but may be inspiring.
  • Questionable Anime Attacks Hey, they can't all be serious, right?
  • Wacky Classes Weird and wacky fantasy classes.
  • Wacky Gadgets The march of technology gets interrupted by incoherent stumbling.
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