Humorous Anime Power Generator

Anime provides us with many memorable cases of characters yelling out long strings of words before smiting their enemies. Of course something that beloved deserves a bit of parody . . .

Your Options:
Analyzing MST3K Slashing Division Stabber
Atomo Division Seeing
Authoritative Paperclip Fang
Boxer Vomit
Chopping Rogue Speedy Shoe Armor
Diarrhea Lightning
Dominator B-Movie Hammer Wheelie
Flying Coffee Bomb
Hoax Corset Talisman
Home Economics Shaft
Massage Spike
Minute Janitorial Decree Raspberry Divination
Morse Sight
Princess Garlic Kill Bureaucratic Rhapsody
Reading MST3K Pacifist Face-Time Pike
Seek Sewing
Slash Knitting
Smashing Shampoo Shield
Suitor Complaining Stigmata Disorganized Rule
Tainted Balsa Tap
Tape Hymn
Tremor Hokey-Pokey Taint Cufflink
Tyrant Creamy Shock
Vibe Raspberry Targeter
Wrestling Morse Clock Smoke Signal


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