Humorous Anime Power Generator

Anime provides us with many memorable cases of characters yelling out long strings of words before smiting their enemies. Of course something that beloved deserves a bit of parody . . .

Your Options:
Automotive Barrier
B-Movie Grenade
Blessed Haribrush Fossil Underwear Blossom
Calculus Detection
Coffee Touch
Cosmic Crotch Dream
Gleam Complaining Tiger Haribrush
Green Windshield Eliminator
Hacking CEO Orbiting Nailfile
Hypnotism ISO 9001 Invigoration
Illuminated Souffle
Kingdom Cherry Cremator
MST3K Pike
Mineral Spit
Modem Jalepino Trapper Smoke Signal
Morph Sock Detecting Tailpile Blessing
Obliterator Nailclipper Warping
Peaceful Fork Conversion
Poisoning Coffee Radioactive Rap Defender
Psycho Telegraph Damned Shoe Hammer
Seed Vanilla Stream
Smash Stapler
Unclean Hankerchief Fatal Insulation Worm
Violence Fuzzy-Wuzzy Root Nasal Evocation
Wood Paperclip Altering H.R. Awareness


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