Martial Arts Move Generator

You know how it goes. No Martial arts maneuver can have a normal name. It's got to be something crazy and bizarre and descriptive. So this is where you come when you need to go beyond 'I punched him in the face.'

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Your Options:
Coral Cyclone
Cross Tackle of the Ambitious Killers
Dance of the Port
Demon Hammer
Fatal Madman Blow
Fatal Stalker Pinch of the Hammer
Fighting Shield of the Indecisive Fox
Fist of the Deathly Pig
Floating Hammer of the Irrational Falcon
Hammer of Gray Purgatories
Holy Theif's Foot of Axes
Infinite Diviners Stretch
Ninety Honorable Killers Fang of Lances
Noose of the Fists
Northeastern Pull
Perfect Clap of the Charioteer
Rat Unseen Pull
Red Slam of the Miserly Monks
Serpent's Stomp
Seventy Shamans Grab
Spiritual Silence Finger
Stretch of the Ten Thousand Birds
Transforming Toss
Unknowable Hand
Witty Rooster's Snap


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