Fangirl Fantasy Generator

Hot and spicy fantasies for fangirls, straight out of the database, with a heavy heaping of anime influences, with a side serving of vampires and the supernatural, seasoned with lots of colorful descriptions and metaphors.

Your Options:
The brillaint fae. His ivory eyes burn with buried pain. His hair is the color of burnished iron. He speaks softly, yet every word carries.
The hard-drinking cat-boy. His silver hair flutters artistically in the wind. His chocolate-colored eyes are always looking at painful memories. His voice is absolutely perfect. His tight outfits show off his slim form, and he prefers them to be made from exotic furs.
The closed-minded, dishonorable scientist. His vermillion eyes are always looking at painful memories. His hair is the color of milk chocolate. His clothes are revealing, and he has a preference for black.
The well-educated and compassionate bodyguard. His well-styled hair is cherry red. His eyes are like two drops of wine.
This dandy is villanous, yet has a sense of honor. His peach-colored hair is bound by a single yellow ribbon. His eyes are like two glowing embers.
The smart mage. His long hair is ash-gray. His eyes are like two glowing embers.
The intelligent, strong-willed assasin. His charmingly spikey hair is the color of pine needles. His hypnotic eyes are like two sapphires. His voice is calm and authoritative. His clothes are tight, he has a preference for yellow, and he has a thing for dusters. He likes to wear a strange necklace.
This novelist seems evil, but has good intentions. His hair is the color of the sun. His penetrating eyes are soot-black. He has elegant hands.
The brillaint, collected prince. His royal purple eyes express emotions in a way no words can. His luxurious hair is burgandy.
This man-of-action has parental issues. His eyes are like two rising suns. His night-black hair almost demands you run your fingers through it. He has a charming accent.


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