Fangirl Fantasy Generator

Hot and spicy fantasies for fangirls, straight out of the database, with a heavy heaping of anime influences, with a side serving of vampires and the supernatural, seasoned with lots of colorful descriptions and metaphors.

Your Options:
This chef manages to be both morally and sexually ambigious at the same time. His well-styled hair is blood-red. His penetrating eyes are like two glowing embers. He speaks softly, yet every word carries.
This dandy can be annoying and brash, yet is somehow still loveable. His hair is the color of beyrl. His lemon-yellow eyes burn with passion. When he speaks, he speaks each word dramatically and clearly. He obsessively wears a lot of charms.
This half-elf can be annoying and brash, yet is somehow still loveable. His mysterious eyes are like two gold coins. His hair is the color of fresh blood.
The mysterious bodyguard. His hair is the color of ripe apricots. His haunted eyes are like two shining suns. His voice has a mysterious, breathy quality. His skin is like satin. His outfits are bizarre, and he has a preference for blue and green. He always wears an exotic charm.
This musician experiences gender confusion (but doesn't seem to suffer from it). His apple-green hair flows like a waterfall. His mysterious eyes are mauve. His voice has a musical quality to it. His full lower lip begs to be nibbled on.
The super-intelligent yet cruel demon. His hair is the color of valuable emeralds. His piercing eyes are bone-white.
This artist is tough, completely tactless, yet somehow charming and attractive. His eyes are like two silver coins. His streaming hair is the color of fresh roses. His face has an inhuman beauty to it. His clothes are mysterious, and he has a preference for gray.
The dedicated, mysterious superhuman. His wounded eyes are vermillion. His hair is the color of amethysts. His voice is always tinged with laughter.
This demon acts far younger than he is. His gravity-defying hair is the color of fresh roses. His azure eyes have a hyptonic quality you can't resist. His voice is a powerful baritone.
This chef is extremely quirky. His silky hair is alabaster. His cherry red eyes pierce your soul. His clothes are charmingly well-worn, he has a preference for brown, and he has a thing for exposing his midriff and leather boots.


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