When you need those pretty anime boys, this generator will churn out all the bishounen you can handle and then some!

Your Options:
This gentleman has a studious aura about him. His slitted eyes are plum-colored. He has ankle length, luxurious, straight, slate gray hair. His build is very slender.
You can't help but compare this gentleman to a mysterious raven. His physique is very athletic. He has shoulder-length hair the color of yellowed ivory. His deep-set eyes are lavender.
This man gives you the impression of a savvy alley cat. His physique is noteably slender. He has shoulder-length, straight, sapphire hair which has a form that reminds you of a mysterious hood. His narrow eyes are apricot-colored and sparkle strangely.
This gentleman has a murderous air about him. His physique is noteably elegant. He has neck-length, straight, alabaster hair which is in a style that reminds you of a shark's fin. His droopy eyes are the color of red bricks. He has a small nose and a large mouth.
The term "villain" comes to mind when you first see this man. His deep-set eyes are the exact color of blooming violets. He has shoulder-length, silver hair. His physical form is noteably willowy.
This man's smoke gray eyes are those of a proud peacock. He has shoulder-length, curly, beyrl green hair with a ponytail. His physique is very thin.
This man has an air of mistrust about him. His deep-set eyes are lemon-yellow and glow interestingly. He has short, curly, brick-red hair with a ponytail. His physique is rather femminine.
This gentleman has an aura of aloofness about him. His narrow eyes are the color of valuable emeralds. He has long, straight, cream-colored hair. His body is noteably angular.
This man's clever eyes are beyrl green. He has shoulder-length, straight, bone white hair with one braid on the left side of his face. His form is very willowy.
This gentleman gives you the impression of a fluttering hummingbird. His almond-shaped eyes are magenta and gleam hypnotically. He has neck-length, fine, wavy, pine green hair. His build is rather femminine.


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