When you need those pretty anime boys, this generator will churn out all the bishounen you can handle and then some!

Your Options:
In trying to describe this man, "charlatan" is the best term you can think of. His physique is very willowy. He has short, straight hair the color of fine gold. His slitted eyes are plum-colored. He has a small nose and delicate ears.
This gentleman has droopy eyes that are the exact color of fine jade. He has shoulder-length, sand-colored hair. His body is very thin. You find he has an aura of studiousness about him.
This man has an air of sensuality about him. His round eyes are the color of the afternoon sky. He has neck-length hair the exact color of blooming violets. His form is noteably lean. He has small ears.
This gentleman has round umber eyes. He has long, straight, scarlet hair which has a form that reminds you of a strange headdress. His physical form is very femminine. His mannerisms give you an impression of a dignified swan.
This gentleman's sensitive, droopy eyes are the exact color of ripe apricots. He has neck-length, straight, ebony hair. His physical form is noteably angular.
You can't help but compare this gentleman to a moth hovering around a flame. His wide eyes are umber and twinkle interestingly. He has neck-length, straight, bone white hair mostly bound in a series of braids. His physique is rather femminine. He has delicate ears and a large mouth.
This gentleman has an air of compassion about him. His slanted eyes are pine green. He has short, straight, sand-colored hair that is styled in a way reminicent of a flowing stream. His build is noteably femminine.
This man has almond-shaped lavender eyes. He has long, charcoal-colored hair mostly bound in a series of braids. His physique is very angular. His mannerisms give you an impression of a cobra waiting to strike. He has delicate ears and a strong chin.
You can't help but compare this gentleman to a witty comedian. His hooded eyes are silver. He has long, straight, apricot-colored hair. His build is very femminine. He has a domed forehead.
This gentleman has narrow iron gray eyes. He has shoulder-length, wavy, ebony hair with bangs elegantly framing his face. His build is rather thin. To you, he has an intelligent air about him. He has thin eyebrows and a pointed chin.


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