Humorous Monster Generator

Sure they're dark terrors - but they're funny! Or funny creatures that are sort of dark. You get the idea.

Your Options:
All-devouring Manatee of the North
Banshee Anteater
Boring Elemental
Bouncing Demon of the Lemonade Stand
Cartoon Imp
Dirt Lich
Enchanted Peacock
Fluffy Brass Cow of the Heavens
Gelatinous Potato Wraith
Gibbering Spoon Ghost
Goblin of the Yard Sale
Harmonica Hawk of the Used-Car Lot
Homonculus Sloth
Howling Milk Djinni
Nylon Spider of the Candy Store
Off-key Time Poodle
Passive-aggressive Phantasm
Puffy Nightmare
Retro Flesh Kangaroo of the Etheral Plane
Rollerblading Crystal Cow
Salt Dragon
Skateboarding Elemental
Thunder Quail
Zombie Lint Djinni of the Lunchbox
Zombie Platypus


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