Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This bizarre entity was formed from the skull of Satan. It looks like a ferret bent into the form an owl. It has red scales covering its body.
This creature comes from another dimension. It slightly reminds one of a ferret, and it has eyes like holes in space.
This entity comes from the astral plane. It looks like a frog with the hindquarters of a vulture.
This entity evolved from other life forms. It looks like a disgusting combination of a bobcat and an octopus. It has tentacles ending in an eye. It is wreathed in flames.
This entity is formed from the souls of people who died feeling despair. It reminds one of an eel, and it is missing a tail.
This legendary being is formed from the souls of deceased archers. It looks like a strange merger of a tarantula and a alligator. It has no legs, its lower body trailing off like a wisp of smoke. It always appears to be wreathed in smoke.
This legendary entity is an accidental creation of shamans. It looks like a man with the hindquarters of a squirrel. Its body is skeletal.
This legendary entity is the incarnation of the soul of a person driven by hearbreak. It vaguely resembles a snake, and it is headless, with its face on its torso.
This mysterious being is a creation of the god of passion. It slightly resembles an orangutan, and it has mirrorlike skin. It has no legs.
This mythical monster is an incarnation of Satan, and it serves loyally. It looks like a strange fusion of a monkey and a dolphin. It has plum-colored skin. Poisonous mist surrounds it.


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