Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This creature is formed from the souls of people who died feeling despair. It looks like a disgusting merger of a mouse and a eel. Its body seems strangely flattened, almost like cloth or paper.
This legendary being comes from the astral plane. It vaguely recalls the form of an eel, but it seems to be composed of random oddiments and parts. It has a tail ending in an eye. It leaves a trail of blood wherever it goes.
This legendary creature comes from the astral plane. It looks like an orangutan with the hindquarters of a bobcat. Skulls float around it, seeming strangely alive.
This monster comes from an elemental plane. It reminds one of a moth, but it seems to be composed of tentacles. It it has no wings.
This monster comes from another world. It looks like a tarantula with the hindquarters of an octopus. Its body is skeletal, yet it has functioning organs and viscera in its bony frame.
This monster is the incarnation of the soul of a person driven by fear. It resembles a tarantula. It appears to be a plant instead of a creature. An odd radiance eminates from it.
This mysterious entity is an avatar of God, but it was given its freedom. Its left side is that of a squirrel while its right side is that of a hammerhead shark.
This mythical entity was formed from the skull of God. It looks like a beautiful combination of a squirrel and a crocodile. It has huge feet.
This strange being was formed by the cruelty of Satan. It reminds one of an orangutan, but it seems to be composed of blobs of tissue. It has six arms.
This strange entity comes from the future. It looks like an elegant combination of a spider and a butterfly. It is covered in royal purple quils.


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