Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This bizarre creature was formed from the heart of the gods of love. It resembles an octopus. Instead of flesh, it appears to be composed of blue energy.
This creature comes from another dimension. It reminds one of a cockroach, but it seems to be composed of blocks.
This creature comes from the astral plane. It slightly resembles a monkey and has the tail of a barracuda. It appears to be composed of gems.
This creature evolved from other life forms. Its left side is that of a man while its right side is that of a turtle. It has red tentacles all over its body. It leaves a trail of blood wherever it goes.
This creature is formed by the soul of a person whose dying emotion was one of frustration. It looks like an eel bent into the form a iguana.
This mysterious entity was formed from the muscles of a demon of vegetation. It loosely resembles an owl, and it has eight legs. It seems to be made of liquid that somehow holds a form.
This mythical monster is a minion of a demon of fatherhood. It slightly reminds one of a cuttlefish and has huge human-like arms. It has barklike skin.
This strange creature is formed from the souls of deceased prophets who died in a state of misery. It slightly resembles a ferret and it has claws like a gecko. It has semi-transparent black skin.
This strange monster is an accidental creation of necromancers. It slightly reminds one of a panther, and it has eight arms. It seems hollow, as if it is more of an animate suit of armor than a living creature.
This strange monster is formed from the souls of deceased seers. It looks like a bat twisted into the form a frog. It has eyes in the back of its head.


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