Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This being comes from the past. It vaguely recalls the form of a snake, and it has no face.
This being is an emanation of God, but it has rebelled. It looks like a blasphemous combination of an orangutan and a sparrow. It has semi-transparent blue skin. It is wreathed in mists.
This being is the incarnation of living people's terror. It looks like a lion warped into the form a weasel. It is hairless with crimson skin.
This bizarre creature originated before mankind did. It resembles a woman, and it has no legs.
This entity is formed from the soul of a duke who has passed away. It reminds one of a frog, and it is hairless. This creature has no head.
This legendary entity is a creation of clerics. It reminds one of a turtle, and it has three heads. It appears to be composted of crystal. For some reason, its hard to look directly at it.
This monster is the incarnation of living people's sadness. It reminds one of a snake, and it has midnight black skin covered in mouths. It is headless, with its face on its torso. Strange, misty forms swirl around it constantly.
This monster is the incarnation of the soul of a person driven by anger. It slightly resembles a cuttlefish and has the tail of a python.
This mysterious entity comes from a parallel world. It looks like an elegant merger of a mosquito and a bear. It appears to be a plant instead of a creature.
This mythical being was formed by the curiosity of a spirit of motherhood. It loosely resembles a panther, but it seems to be composed of rays of light. It has a large amount of joints in its lower limbs.


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