Dark Minion Generator
Your Options:
Air Fiends From Lzshuath, The Lost Planet
Battle Dreamers From The Secret World
Brain Brood From Elosituli
Damned Children
Deep Wolves
Dream Shamblers
Drowners From The Desecrated Realm
Earth Hounds
Entities From The Thunder Realm
Entities Of The Shadowy Murderer
Flyers Of Isa-dabhaatth, The Gibbering Goddess
Heavenly Ghasts
Larvae Of Lag'tll, The Living Avatar
Legendary Frozen Children
Mountain Choppers Of Phatharnoth
Primal Bone Freezers
Renders Of The Slashing Hunter
Seeking Hornets Of The Hidden Breeder
Serpent Inheritors Of Mil'natho, The Eating Avatar
Shifting Inheritors


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