Dark Minion Generator
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Ancient Doom Piercers
Animated Jackals Of The Killing One
Brain Revenants Of Iqudeg, The Legendary Killer
Consumers From Kegnysac
Decay Gibberers Of Bhllich
Eternal Blood Swimmers
Eternal Hell Children
Gibbering Immolators
Gibbering Melters
Legendary Fear Entities
Primordial Bloodstained Freezers
Scions Of Ughaquau
Silence Spawn Of Tho-eph, The Screaming Divinity
Sleepers Of Ugo'ogotarsh
Spider Entities
Terrors Of Bog-thogo
Unspeakable Gibberers Of Hololo
Unspeakable Slayers Of Ggor, The Immolating Divinity
Vulture Entities
Wolf Children


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