Dark Minion Generator
Your Options:
Biters Of Yglot-gog, The Ever-changing Grasper
Changing Shadows From The Aquatic Sphere
Cleaving Jackals
Crazed Angels From The Horror Planet
Cutting Inheritors
Cutting Spiders
Damned Wraiths Of Mammmeg, The Flying Incarnation
Ensnaring Terrors
Eternal Unknowable Murderers
Fire Stealers Of The Haunting Avatar
Grand Inescapable Beings
Horror People Of The Infernal Haunter
Madness Hackers
Mountain Manes From Aliqushog, The Panic Realm
Primal Ethereal Slayers
Primal Haunted Spawn
Spiders Of Phiaellor, The Stalking God
Storm Hornets
Wind Ones
Wolf People


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