Wacky Gadget Generator

Technology marches forward - or in this case stumbling and running into things, swaying drunkenly.

Your Options:
Baseball Electrical Ogler
Battery Geoinsulter
Bullet Cabbage
Cheese Klein Bottle Compusmoker
Chocolate Atomic Cubicle
Cocoa Supersonic Socks
Disco Concealer
Drywall Ultrapiston
Expresso Computerized Compujoker
Frictionless Cabbage Eliminator
H.r. Schizopiston
Jalapino Detector
Low-carb Stealer
Minaturized Underwear
Missile Multispanker
Neutron Tripper
Nuclear Spankerizer
Onion Atomic Geoshampoo
Stupidity Detectororg
Ultrasonic Antimatter Doodler


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