Names for equipment, inventions, gadgets, and gizmos! Select up to three categories relevant to the gadget you wish to generate in order to focus the results.

Your Options:
Bacterial Transforming Ground Obscurer
Biopsy-Electron Reciever
Breaking Concealment-Director
Camoflague-Computer Shocker
Cipher PDA-Irradiator
Compound Telescope
DNA Mariner-Manipulator
Dirt Bolt-Humidifier
Earth Mountain Enchanter
Flinger Mutating Poison
Matrix Beam
Mine Bashing Douser
Penetration-Bolt Canceller
Protecting Synthesis
Quantumn Driving Region
Rejuvinating Possesor-Acid
Relocating Knife
Sensing Haunt-Crasher
Subterranean Moving Reactor
Telescopic Spellbinder-Crawler
Water Drill
Water Mechanism
Wind Transmitter-Irradiator
Zenith Sense Gilder


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