Super Profession Generator

Anime like 'Promare' often have tales of people who are sort of superheroes in everyday professions. This generator merges mundane with the superheroic to give you plenty of game and story ideas.

Your Options:
It's about construction workers versus thieves - and both use magic weapons!
It's about farmers who are rivals! One uses summoned demons! The other uses mythical creatures!
It's about landscapers who use mythical creatures versus thieves who use summoned demons!
It's about plumbers who use mythical creatures versus airline pilots who use summoned demons!
It's about auto mechanics who use mech suits versus parking attendants who use spells!
It's about bookkeepers who use summoned demons to fight rebels!
It's about landscapers who use super technology to fight terrorists!
It's about astronauts versus a conspiracy - and both use psychic powers!
It's about receptionists versus a dictator - and both use giant robots!
It's about electricians versus farmers - and both use mutant powers!


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