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Setting: alternate history. Theme:horrific spy-thriller story
Setting: alternate history/science-fiction. Theme:nature-of-humanity/search-for-identity story
Setting: cyberpunk/science-fiction. Theme:things man-was-not-meant-to-know/power fantasy story
Setting: pirate/cyberpunk. Theme:rivalry story
Setting: space opera/science-fiction. Theme:switching-of-roles/comedy-of-manners story
Setting: splatterpunk/space opera. Theme:character study sudden gain-of-greatness story
Setting: splatterpunk/space opera. Theme:power fantasy story
Setting: splatterpunk/space opera. Theme:satire story
Setting: splatterpunk/utopia. Theme:drama/power fantasy story
Setting: utopia/cyberpunk. Theme:weird loss-of-greatness story


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