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In this story, a veterinarian searching for purpose is introduced to a pompous physicist. What starts as curiosity quickly becomes true love - all thanks to the paying of a fine.
This story takes place in a nature preserve. In it, a self-righteous doctor falls madly in love with a broadcaster with a knack for trouble - all thanks to someone doing laundry.
In this story, a talk show host from an unusual family line falls in love with an amiable martial artist.
This story takes place in a manufacturing city. In it, a melancholy circuit priest attends a professional event and meets a wise monk. What starts as carnal interest becomes infatuation - all thanks to a holiday celebration.
In this story, a video game programmer who wields an unusual artifact accidentally runs into a weak gym teacher. What starts as contempt soon turns into love. Yet, how can a witch-hunter tear them apart?
In this story, a young prostitute attends a religious event and meets a driven fence. What starts as friendship becomes true love - all thanks to a massacre.
This story starts in a magical universe. In it, an artificial life form in love with an artificial life form falls madly in love with a smart baseball player. What role will a video game addict play in their relationship?
In this story, a champion with non-human ancestry has a chance meeting with a negative duke. What starts as dislike becomes infatuation - all thanks to someone taking a bath.
In this story, a treasure-hunter in love with someone of another species is introduced to an ugly network engineer. What starts as disgust soon turns into obsessive love.
In this story, a student who suffers from a chronic medical condition attends a social event and meets an amiable paladin. What starts as indifference soon turns into infatuation.


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