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In this story, a noisy beastmaster is in love with a physicist from a small family.
In this story, a tolerant gym teacher falls in love with a crippled fire fighter.
This story starts at a spatial anomoly. In it, a broadcaster looking for love ends up on the run with an obedient zoologist. What starts as mutual respect quickly becomes infatuation. Yet, how can a stupid duke tear them apart?
This story starts in a small nation on an arid planet. In it, a newscaster with strange powers that only work when emotionally agitated attends a social event and meets a clinging doctor. What starts as carnal interest becomes love.
In this story, a wily king meets a time travel technician who hates a particular alien species. What starts as dislike becomes true love - all thanks to an inheritance. Yet, how can an angry outburst tear them apart?
This story takes place in a city hall in a tourist town. In it, a boatman from a good family moves in with a hypocritical dancer. What starts as mutual respect becomes obsessive love - all thanks to someone putting on make-up. Yet, how can a planetary explorer tear them apart?
In this story, a mystical rascal attends a professional event and meets an archaeologist who is more than meets the eye. What starts as dislike soon turns into true love - all thanks to a murder. It seems an archaeologist who is part of a secret society will bring them even closer together.
This story takes place in a port city in France. In it, a heir with an unexpected destiny falls madly in love with a vicious newscaster - all thanks to an apocalyptic event. Yet, how can a miscommunication tear them apart?
In this story, an apathetic hockey player falls passionately in love with a king whose species reproduces by cloning - all thanks to a joke. It seems a grave robber who hopes to be the best in his/her profession will bring them even closer together.
In this story, a cruel daycare employee meets an arch-mage who was exiled to another world. What starts as detachment soon turns into a passionate affair - all thanks to a surgery.


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