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This story takes place in an art college. In it, a romantic witch-hunter falls passionately in love with a paranoid electrician. What role will someone getting a new hairstyle play in their relationship?
This story starts on an arctic planet. In it, a slothful barbarian attends a social event and meets a broadcaster who is dependent on medication. What starts as disgust unexpectedly turns into a passionate affair.
This story starts in a coliseum. In it, a pessimistic duke is fixed up with an awkward pundit. What starts as dislike becomes true love. It seems a funeral will bring them even closer together.
This story takes place in a small city in an intergalactic nation. In it, a thief who is burdened with dark knowledge attends a religious event and meets a young prostitute. What starts as disgust quickly becomes love.
This story starts in a town. In it, a plain hacker hires an ignored cab driver. What starts as contempt quickly becomes a passionate affair - all thanks to a keepsake. What role will a promotion play in their relationship?
In this story, a weapons master who possesses a strong immunity to magic accidentally runs into a nihilistic official. What starts as hate unexpectedly turns into love - all thanks to a resignation. What role will someone making a life-changing decision play in their relationship?
This story starts in Prague. In it, a whiny comic ends up on the run with an unathletic doctor. What starts as loathing unexpectedly turns into love - all thanks to someone giving a test.
In this story, a monk with little money is in love with a hysterical prospector. What role will treason play in their relationship?
In this story, a broadcaster with an unexpected destiny accidentally runs into a fearsome watchman. What starts as a one-night stand quickly becomes true love.
In this story, a clerk who hates children falls in love with a bigoted video game programmer - all thanks to the paying of a fine. What role will an engagement play in their relationship?


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