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This story takes place in a subterranean kingdom. In it, an awestruck broadcaster falls in love with a crippled barbarian. It seems someone revealing their feelings will bring them even closer together.
In this story, a forceful nuclear engineer is in love with a xenobiologist from a small family - all thanks to a surgery. Yet, how can a trial tear them apart?
In this story, a violent prince meets a philosophical weapons master. What starts as confusion unexpectedly turns into a passionate affair - all thanks to a demotion. What role will someone making a life-changing decision play in their relationship?
This story starts in a small city in the Arctic. In it, a duchess looking for love becomes infatuated with a driven mentor.
In this story, a clumsy prophet falls in love with a lonely psychiatrist.
In this story, an ignored ranger attends a professional event and meets an archaeologist with an odd birthmark. What starts as loathing becomes love.
This story starts in a dormitory. In it, a policeman from nowhere crosses paths with a grim seer. What starts as a one-night stand quickly becomes a passionate affair - all thanks to someone reading a book.
In this story, a persistent dungeon delver is forced to work with a newscaster who was victimized by an artificial intelligence. What starts as obligation unexpectedly turns into obsessive love - all thanks to someone revealing their feelings.
This story starts on a colony ship. In it, a weak video game programmer attends a professional event and meets a sadistic rat-catcher. What starts as obligation quickly becomes true love - all thanks to a natural disaster.
In this story, a coachman in possession of stolen technology accidentally runs into a sleazy fisherman. What starts as carnal interest unexpectedly turns into a passionate affair.


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