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This story takes place in a firehouse in Hiroshima. In it, a magician who is fighting an alien occupation force attends a professional event and meets a manipulative baseball player. What starts as a professional relationship unexpectedly turns into true love - all thanks to a birthday preparation.
This story takes place in a hovel. In it, an anthropologist who is cursed with bad luck has a chance meeting with an ambitious video game programmer. What starts as contempt soon turns into a passionate affair. Yet, how can a prince who has an odd way of speaking tear them apart?
In this story, a tactful barber becomes infatuated with a stingy astronomer.
This story takes place in a planetary technocracy in an intergalactic commonwealth. In it, a starship engineer in love with someone of another species falls madly in love with a frustrated zookeeper. Yet, how can someone losing a job tear them apart?
In this story, a smooth manager runs into a sickly accountant. What starts as obligation soon turns into infatuation - all thanks to someone doing laundry.
This story starts in a universe where space travel occurs by magical means. In it, a patronizing garbageman falls in love with a chemist who is an outsider - all thanks to a failure. It seems an unveiling will bring them even closer together.
In this story, a righteous healer ends up on the run with a coach who can see invisible entities. What starts as friendship soon turns into true love. It seems a withdrawn druid will bring them even closer together.
This story starts in a large nation on a sunless planet. In it, an industrious nun accidentally runs into a broken-hearted mentor. What starts as obligation unexpectedly turns into obsessive love. What role will a peasant play in their relationship?
In this story, a pessimistic doctor falls madly in love with a selfless college professor.
In this story, a clumsy monk attends a religious event and meets an intelligent plumber. What starts as hate quickly becomes obsessive love - all thanks to an alienation.


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