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This story starts in a tourist town in North Korea. In it, a posturing school teacher attends a religious event and meets a complacent gym teacher. What starts as professional courtesy soon turns into a passionate affair. It seems an impostor escpaing the past will bring them even closer together.
This story takes place in a god-touched nation on our world in a new magical age. In it, a biased leader is in love with a confident nurse. It seems a queen who belongs to a mysterious cult will bring them even closer together.
This story takes place in a tourist town. In it, an open-minded movie reviewer runs into a murderer who is estranged from family members. What starts as contempt soon turns into obsessive love.
In this story, a bitter peasant is in love with a starship communications technician who lives under a curse - all thanks to a failure. What role will a mentor play in their relationship?
In this story, a video game programmer with a false identity is fixed up with a withdrawn champion. What starts as contempt becomes a passionate affair - all thanks to growth.
This story starts on our world in a magical age. In it, an android looking for a challenge falls madly in love with a plain park ranger.
In this story, a friendly pharmacist becomes infatuated with a nun who is considered the best in his/her profession - all thanks to destruction.
This story takes place in an elementary school in a port city. In it, a cowardly hunter is in love with an absent-minded architect - all thanks to someone taking a bath.
This story takes place aboard a starship. In it, a wily politician gets a job with a traitor addicted to an otherworldly drug. What starts as mutual respect unexpectedly turns into infatuation. Yet, how can an anthropologist tear them apart?
This story starts in a magical part of our universe. In it, a zookeeper from a distant colony falls madly in love with an unethical explorer.


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