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In this story, a neurotic traitor is introduced to a wise princess. What starts as friendship quickly becomes a passionate affair - all thanks to a compromise.
This story starts in a firehouse. In it, an operations manager with repressed memories works with an awkward park ranger. What starts as contempt unexpectedly turns into love - all thanks to a political conflict. It seems a bard will bring them even closer together.
This story starts in a large nation on a forest planet. In it, a CIO whose species is being exterminated meets a snide construction worker. What starts as indifference unexpectedly turns into obsessive love.
This story starts in a jail in Seattle. In it, a tactless conjurer becomes infatuated with an astronaut with non-human ancestry - all thanks to an inheritance. It seems a sport being played will bring them even closer together.
This story takes place in a port in a cursed dukedom. In it, a contemplative project manager falls in love with an unheroic broadcaster. What role will an illness play in their relationship?
In this story, a healthy occultist is fixed up with a zoologist who fears non-human beings. What starts as a professional relationship quickly becomes love.
In this story, a college student who tends to annoy divine beings gets a job with a sickly circuit priest. What starts as a one-night stand quickly becomes love. What role will a betrayal play in their relationship?
In this story, a ruthless scientist crosses paths with an obsessive paladin. What starts as confusion soon turns into true love - all thanks to the discovery of a long-lost friend. What role will a joke play in their relationship?
This story takes place in a high school. In it, a happy fisherman crosses paths with a musician who is fighting an alien occupation force. What starts as detachment soon turns into infatuation. It seems a religious ceremony will bring them even closer together.
In this story, a virtual reality engineer with demonic blood falls madly in love with a disorganized necromancer - all thanks to a trial.


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