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In this story, a promiscuous bookstore owner falls passionately in love with a happy herbologist.
In this story, a nimble movie reviewer is in love with a drunken zookeeper - all thanks to someone getting lost.
In this story, a clumsy hockey player falls in love with a selfish witch-hunter - all thanks to a repentance.
In this story, a creative reporter is fixed up with an innocent broadcaster. What starts as a professional relationship becomes infatuation - all thanks to the revealing of an impostor.
This story takes place at a portal to another dimension. In it, a tough hacker attends a social event and meets a sloppy novelist. What starts as dislike soon turns into obsessive love.
This story takes place in a manufacturing city in an interplanetary imperium. In it, a lazy bandit attends a social event and meets an industrious musician. What starts as loathing quickly becomes obsessive love - all thanks to a kidnapping. Yet, how can an arch-mage tear them apart?
In this story, a studious weapons master is fixed up with a vicious duke. What starts as mutual respect quickly becomes true love - all thanks to a promotion.
In this story, a wistful politician is introduced to a negative watchman. What starts as a one-night stand unexpectedly turns into love.
This story takes place on a swamp planet. In it, a comic from an unusual family line hires a vicious seer. What starts as obligation soon turns into true love - all thanks to a birth.
In this story, a mystical reporter has a chance meeting with a confident veterinarian. What starts as indifference quickly becomes obsessive love. Yet, how can the discovery of a lost item tear them apart?


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