Plot Twist Generator

Plot twists, to give you new ideas for inspiration, or to just mess with your audience.

Your Options:
A character is revealed to have an addiction.
The antagonist is shown to have a dangerous compulsion, this is revealed when a character is mercilessly tortured..
Due to a mis-prescribed medication a character becomes addicted to a substance.
The antagonist is shown to have a mental illness, this is revealed by a series of strange co-incidences.
Because of a riot, a character is revealed to have a crippling irrational belief.
Because of a snowstorm, a character is revealed to be being manipulated by someone else
The protagonist suddenly reveals a funny side.
The alternate protagonist is revealed to be a different race/species than thought.
Because of a scientific experiment, a character is revealed to have a paranoid fear.
Once we find out the narrator of the tale is a supernatural creature we're left wondering how reliable they are.


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