Plot Twist Generator

Plot twists, to give you new ideas for inspiration, or to just mess with your audience.

Your Options:
Because of a magical disaster, a character suddenly reveals a deceptive side.
The protagonist turns out to be the antagonist's uncle.
The protagonist is revealed to have an unexpected child - one they didn't know about - which provides an unexpected difficulty.
The antagonist thinks that everything happening is in a hallucination - and this is due to being decieved.
Because of a plague, a character is revealed to have strange powers.
We discover that, once a specific nonsense phrase is analyzed, the world is dependent on sorcery.
In order to fulfill their goals, the alternate protagonist must kill their best friend.
The main character discovers everyone else actually is a visitor from a parallel world - this is revealed when a mysterious code is broken.
Because of a rainstorm it's discovered that the protagonist is the antagonist's sister.
The protagonist needs an important substance - but this substance is made from substances that supposedly are mythical.


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