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Your Options:
This Big Band song is about Satine (Moulin Rouge) playing sports with Fidel Castro.
This Death Metal song is about Star Trek: Enterprise.
This Disco song is about Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1) opening a business with Will Turner (PotC).
This Grunge song is about Dracula.
This Heavy Metal/Death Metal song is about Hailey Nichol (The O.C.) and a path.
This House/Punk song is about Forgotten Realms.
This J-Pop song is about the cast of Deep Impact and a speaker.
This Jazz song is about Gen. Mike Rodgers (Tom Clancy's Ops Center).
This Jazz/Rap song is about the cast of Without a Trace as media personalitys.
This Lounge song is about Aramis (Dogtanian) as a doctor.
This Merengue/Power Metal song is about Deckard Kain (Diablo) fishing with a psychiatrist.
This Merengue/Psychedelic song is about Galadriel (Lord of the Rings) meeting Paisley Tinkle (Wigu).
This Pop Rock/Surf song is about Biology in Forgotten Realms.
This Ska song is about Eli Weevil Navarro (Veronica Mars) taking over the world with a knight.
This World Music song is about Michael.


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