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Your Options:
This Bluegrass song is about Poetry in Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.
This Bluegrass/Commercial Jingle song is about Kuwabara (YYH).
This Death Metal/Heavy Metal song is about Nuala (Sandman) fighting with Perfect Tommy (Buckaroo Banzai).
This Funk song is about The Graduate.
This Funk/Ska song is about the cast of Van Helsing and flowerpots.
This Hair Metal/Merengue song is about the cast of Sesame Street and tweezers.
This House song is about Bridget (Guilty Gear XX) fighting evil alongside Telemain (Enchanted Forest Chronicles).
This House song is about Pollution (Good Omens) and a board game.
This Industrial song is about William Munny (Unforgiven) remapped to a daycare employee.
This J-Pop song is about Jilly Coppercorn (Charles de Lint's Newford books) as an astronomer.
This Lounge/Speed Metal song is about Simpsons.
This Power Metal/Soul song is about Accounting in The Great Gatsby.
This Rap song is about Marquis de Carabas (Neverwhere) forming a union with a security agent.
This Techno/Merengue song is about Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) writing a filk song with a botanist.
This World Music song is about Double Star.


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