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Your Options:
This Big Band/Rap song is about Despair in Alias.
This Blues/Heavy Metal song is about Alexander (Alexander the Great) talking with Jamie Fraser (Outlander series).
This Blues/Soul song is about Lord of the Flies.
This Classical song is about the cast of Velvet Goldmine as farmers.
This Commercial Jingle song is about Legend.
This Commercial Jingle song is about Once and Future King.
This Disco song is about Eboshi (Princess Mononoke) as a freak.
This Hair Metal/Hip-Hop song is about Anna Stern (O.C.) and a cubicle.
This Jazz song is about Dade Murphy (Hackers) playing videogames with Arthur Dent (Hitchhiker's Guide).
This Jazz song is about Najica (Najica Blitz Tactic) as a marine.
This Pop Rock/World Music song is about Dark Tower.
This Power Metal song is about Stan (Life of Brian).
This Soft Rock song is about Evil T. Bishounen (Donut Girls) and a diving mask.
This Soul song is about Praying in Ranma 1/2.
This Trance/Rockabilly song is about the cast of Hellraiser and racetracks.


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