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In the mood for some fanfic? This'll meet all your needs, and quite a few non-needs. All creations mentioned are copyright(c), trademarked(tm) and soforth their individual owners. No infringement on existing copyright is intended. Not responsible whatsoever for the results or any reactions they cause.

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This fanfic is about Devon (BtVS) going to a convention with The Sheep (Boundin').
This fanfic is about Devon Maguire (Crossing Jordan) fighting mutant insects with psychic powers.
This fanfic is about Doc Ock (Spider-Man) as a reporter at a Geofront.
This fanfic is about Greg House (House) as a dutchess on the Narn Homeworld.
This fanfic is about Kitty Pryde (X-Men) fighting the cast of Kalediostar with a heartfelt appeal to do the right thing.
This fanfic is about Lucy Whitmore (50 First Dates) fighting the Kilrathi with a high-tech racing car.
This fanfic is about Sam Vimes (Discworld) playing cards with Lexington (Gargoyles).
This fanfic is about Shannon (Lost) and Tom Paris (ST Voyager).
This fanfic is about Vetinari (Discworld) at the Venture Industries Compound.
This fanfic is about Yamamura Sadako (Ringu) fighting a bandit with a high-tech racing car.
This fanfic is about the cast of Babylon 5 arguing with the cast of Battlestar Galactica on Ringworld.
This fanfic is about the cast of Horatio Hornblower being corrupted by the cast of As You Like It. Pearl Forrester helps out as part of a larger agenda.
This fanfic is about the cast of Metro fighting the cast of A Fish Called Wanda with hidden psychic powers.
This fanfic is about the casts of King Arthur and Pride and Prejudice on Perv.
This fanfic swaps King Louis XIV and a traveler. Important to the plot: The Golden Gun.


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