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In the mood for some fanfic? This'll meet all your needs, and quite a few non-needs. All creations mentioned are copyright(c), trademarked(tm) and soforth their individual owners. No infringement on existing copyright is intended. Not responsible whatsoever for the results or any reactions they cause.

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This fanfic is about Anne (A Little Night Music) fighting the cast of Golden Girls with psychic powers.
This fanfic is about Arcee (Transformers) in a racing contest with Zooey Glass (J.D. Salinger). Saki Hanajima (Fruits Basket) rants about it continuously.
This fanfic is about Argyle (Die Hard) fighting Zoanoids with a transforming robot.
This fanfic is about Audrey (Moulin Rouge) in South Park.
This fanfic is about Catherine Willowes (CSI) fighting Elphaba (Wicked) with super-powerful Pokemon. Important to the plot: The Masamune.
This fanfic is about Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist) fighting a beggar with a clever blackmail scheme.
This fanfic is about Miss Trunchbull (Matilda) onboard Voyager.
This fanfic is about Oliver Trask (O.C.) and Captain Pollution (Captain Planet).
This fanfic is about Vlada Vladimirovich (The Critic) and a clone on Warworld.
This fanfic is about the cast of Star Trek getting drunk with the cast of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Thessaly (Sandman) shows up for no good reason.
This fanfic is about the cast of That 70's Show as healers. Important to the plot: Kryptonite.
This fanfic is about the cast of The Sword of Truth Series fighting the Go'auld with sheer charisma.
This fanfic is about the casts of Andromeda and Gravitation.
This fanfic is about the casts of The Ordinary Princess and Artemis Fowl. Important to the plot: The Chrono Cross.
This fanfic swaps Obelix (Asterix the Gaul) and Flash (Justice League). Important to the plot: The Dark Crystal.


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