Brain Hurting Fanfic Pairer

In the mood for some odd fanfic pairings? This'll meet all your needs, and quite a few non-needs. All creations mentioned are copyright(c), trademarked(tm) and soforth their individual owners. No infringement on existing copyright is intended. Not responsible whatsoever for the results or any reactions they cause.

Your Options:
Aburame Shino (Naruto)/Rex Manning (Empire Records)
Aubrey (Something Positive)/Ohtori Akio (Shoujo Kakumei Utena)
Charlie Pace (Lost)/Moses (Biblical)
Clytemnestra (Oresteid)/Frau Blucher (Young Frankenstein)
Deborah (Bible)/Tor (The Hero and the Crown)
Dolemite (Dolemite)/Grendel (Beowulf)
Ferris Bueller/The Noo-Noo (Tellytubbies)
Fi (So Weird)/The Bride (Kill Bill)
Frohike (XF)/Al Calavicci (Quantum Leap)
Galadriel (LOTR)/Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)
Genji (The Tale of Genji)/Kestrel (Queen of Wands)
Georgia (Georgia)/Bail Channis (Asimov's 2nd Foundation)
J.D. (Scrubs)/Vega (Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo)
Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)/Lonnie Henderson (Seaquest)
John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich)/Elmer Drimsdale (MacDonald Hall)
Kuja (Final Fantasy 9)/Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility)
Linus Torvalds/Killick
Marco (Animorphs)/Richard II (Shakespeare)
Meowth (Pokemon)/Brainy Smurf
Navi the Fairy (Legend of Zelda)/Max California (8mm)
Pocahontas/Roger Smith (Big O)
Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)/Nibbler (Futurama)
Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)/Susan Lewis (ER)
Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberry Shortcake)/Alexander Jones (Poul Anderson's Hoka stories)
Yuuki (Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki)/Bellatrix Black (HP)


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