kinniku-g's Singing Contest. Here we get to see a classic Giant Robot put the musical smackdown on a villanous anthro doctor. Something we just don't get enough of!

Hagge's Supernatural Smackdown gives us rain AND halitosis in a legendary combination.

Zet didn't go for any of this singing and magic, but instead gave us hard hitting fisticuffs between a divinity and a magical girl that fulfills everyone's need to see a sun god punch out an anime character.

Claudeandeustace gets an honorable mention for thinking outside the box and portraying a video game.

Koori-Ookami's legend gave us quite a story!

Red Panda's rider and mount was noted by one of our judges as having a special 'cool' factor.

Thanks to the fantastic Falingard and the Amazing Amedyr for their time in judging this contest!

Sanctum Showdown Contest Entries

# Name Generator Entry
1 Bathy Mascot Generator

Dragon Breed Generator

Concept: Fantasy Competition
Lavender the mouse- the purple colored construction worker

Bloodwind Trampler
Darkfrilled Colorful
Royal Smallmaw

2 Claudeandeustace Mascot Generator

Villain Generator

Concept: Video game
Viridian the rat - the thoughtful, green-colored magician.

This graceful sorceress is driven by megalomania. She uses forbidden magic in her plans, often twisting the fabric of reality itself to achieve her goals. She tends to annoy divine beings.

3 Hagge Monster Name Generator

Deity Generator

Concept: Competition
Ochre Raven.

This open minded goddess of rain takes the form of a crone. She is short and has a thin build. She has ash grey hair worn in a style that resembles a lion's mane. Her narrow eyes are purple. She has light colored skin. She is usually portrayed nude. She carries a satchel of books.

4 HCShannon Vampire Generator

Fangirl Fantasy Generator

Concept: Combat
This courageous vampiress has large green eyes that appear to be more set on the side of her head. Her black hair functions as another limb. She is very tall and has a graceful build. Her skin is deeply-tanned, but the blood flowing beneath it actually seems to glow. Her feet are claw-like. Her mouth is more sucker-like than human. She can command her body parts, even if they are severed. She doesn't suffer from standard vampiric disabilities. She feeds on fear, not blood.

This secret agent is terribly tragic, in a very cuddly way. His hair is the color of alabaster. His mysterious eyes are like two dark pits. He has a charming accent.

5 Guendolen Catguy Generator

Magical Girl Generator

Concept: A one-sided competition . . .
This vain catguy has almond-shaped, gray eyes. He has short, straight, brown hair worn in an artistic style. His skin is tan, and he has brown fur with yellow spots on his ears and tail. He has a boyish build. His ears are perky and rounded, and his tail is long, thick and carried straight. His fashion preferences are best described as "pin-up pretty boy." Checking his appearance in a mirror is a common activity for him.

This willful magical girl has droopy blue eyes and shoulder-length, curly, luxurious, lavender hair worn in an alluring style. She has a very feminine figure. She has cosmic powers that are invoked by songs. Her costume is mostly blue and yellow, looks like a fusion of a nun's habit and a scanty negligee, and it arcs and crackles with otherworldly power.

6 Karimuffin
(Takes Comissions)
Vampire Generator

Fangirl Fantasy Generator

Fanboy Fantasy Generator

Concept: Drinking Contest
This friendly vampire has slitted black eyes that are like two dark pits. His thick, curly, shoulder-length hair is the color of ripe plums, and is worn in a handsome, exotic style. He is very short and has a lean build. His skin is china-white. He can turn into a poisonous mist. He can be killed by destroying his internal organs. His diet requires blood of males. (vampire)

This kitsune is a ladies man - or at least appears to be. His artistic hair is the color of fine jade. His smoke-gray eyes have a mirrorlike quality to them. His clothes are revealing, and he has a thing for large belts with large buckles. (fangirl fantasies)

Referee - The alien bunnygirl superspy!(fanboy fantasies)

7 kinniku-g Mecha Name Generator

Mascot Generator

Concept: Singing Contest
Perfect God Ufo: Ares Six

Upgrade the ocelot - the wild, black-colored doctor

8 Koori-Ookami Dragon Description Generator

Deity Generator

Concept: Divine Legend
This dragon has an elegant body. Its scales are silver, shading to lighter on the underside of its neck and getting much thicker on its tail. This dragon has powerful limbs with five splayed digits on each foot that end in very short claws. It has wings like those of some strange mechanical device. A row of bony plates runs from the base of its skull, down its back, to the tip of its tail. This dragon's head is misshapen and it has a mouth that runs most of the length of its face. It has small eyes that are green. This dragon has tiny holes for ears. Two large frilled membranes sprout from each side of its head, framing its face. Projecting above its nose is a single horn. Two long, curly horns extend from its forehead.

This god of lakes takes the form of a young man. He is inhumanly tall and has an elegant build. His almond-shaped eyes are slate-gray. He has violet skin. He is usually portrayed as wearing a businesslike uniform made from the essence of water. He carries a halbierd. He has small feet. He can walk upon water as if it was dry land.

9 Paxx0r Dragon Description Generator

Monster Name Generator

Concept: Story
This dragon has a thick body with a short, wide neck. Its scales are blue, shading to darker on its back. On the end of its tail is a hooklike extension. This dragon has short limbs with three digits on each foot that end in long claws. It has membranous wings that stretch between its forelimbs and the end of its tail. A semi-transparent, membranous crest runs from the base of its skull, down its back, to the tip of its tail. This dragon has a small mouth and has a pronounced underbite. It has giant slitted nostrils located close together. This dragon has one eye that is lemon-yellow. Two misshapen horns extend backwards from its forhead.

Butterfly Turtle

10 Red Panda Legendary Creature Generator

Magical Girl Generator

Concept: Rider and Mount
This legendary creature evolved from other life forms. It resembles a squirrel, and it is missing a tail. Its form seems to be composed of a kind of solid smoke instead of flesh.

This mistrustful magical girl has hooded amethyst eyes and very long, curly, thick, blue hair worn in an unusual style. She has a petite build. She has ghost powers that are invoked by coins. Her costume is white and red, vaguely resembles a schoolgirl's fuku, and it seems to be blown by otherworldy winds.

11 Zet
(Takes Comissions)
Deity Generator

Magical Girl Generator

Concept: Boxing
This god of sunlight takes the form of an older man. He is inhumanly tall and has an overmuscled build. He has straight, yellow hair worn in a style that resembles a horse's mane. His slitted eyes are royal purple. He has black skin. His outfit is that of a magician, and it is mostly yellow in color. He carries a boomerang. He is always surrounded by an aura of light. He sometimes takes the form of a column of light

This sensitive magical girl has almond-shaped alabaster eyes and neck-length, straight, luxurious, red hair worn in an attractive style. She has a leggy figure. She has animal powers that are focused through an amulet. Her severe uniform is mostly gray and black.

Flame Vulture (Referee)

For Fun:
10/2/2006 Hagge Dragonling Generator

Vampire Generator

Click here
10/2/2006 Hagge Catgirl Generator


Concept: Singing Contest
This arrogant catgirl has large grey eyes. She has neck length, clurly blue hair worn in a wild style. Her fur is blue with purple spots on her forearms and forelegs. She has a leggy build. Her hears are rounded and close set. She usually wears a miniskirt and tank top. Someitmes she seems to know when things are about to happen. Lavender the Toad ~ the bubbley, purple colored musician.
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