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Generates complex physical descriptions of dragons.

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This dragon's plate-like, gemlike scales are umber, getting finer and less thick on its underbelly. It has an elegant, elongated body with a long, slender tail. This dragon has short, slender limbs with six digits on each foot that end in long claws. It has wings that resemble rays of light more than anything else. Three rows of bony knobs run from the base of its skull, down its back, to the tip of its tail. This dragon's head is wide. It has droopy gem-like eyes that are milky-white. This dragon has strange membranes that function as ears. Projecting above its nose is a single horn.
This dragon's scales are the color of varnished wood. It has a serpentine, elongated body. This dragon has short, thin limbs with five digits on each foot that end in short claws. It has small wings. Two semi-transparent, membranous crests run down its back. This dragon's head is wide and it has a huge mouth with a prounounced overbite and huge teeth. It has oval nostrils located close together. This dragon has slitted eyes that are the color of dying embers. It's chin is very pointed. A hornlike projection juts straight out between its nostrils. Two short, misshapen horns extend forward from its forhead.


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