Dragon Breed Generator

Creates names for Dragon Breeds. 'Earth-setting' will make names for breeds in an earth setting, such as Harry Potter or AU stories. 'General Fantasy' will produce general breed names.

Your Options:
American Ragemouthed Windcloud
Atlantean Dwarftaloned Mimic
Atlantic Nightspined Airstrike
Australian Shieldtail Terror
Bulgarian Titanic Narrowtongue
Cantonese Oddbeak Highflyer
Columbian Green
Columbian Poisonhorn
Egyptian Ivorynose
Finnish Stealthy Airstorm
Hatian Leaping Climber
Highbeak Blaster
Indonesian Fighting Highback
Lithuanian Bladed
Lithuanian Spined Nester
Mottled Flyer
Norwegian Vilefrilled Amber
Persian Narrowbone
Persian Shortskull
Puerto Rico Mottled Clawer
Slavic Bladed Bloodhide
South African Silver Goldmaw
Spined Dwarfbone
Thai High-nesting Rubyskull


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