Dragon Breed Generator

Creates names for Dragon Breeds. 'Earth-setting' will make names for breeds in an earth setting, such as Harry Potter or AU stories. 'General Fantasy' will produce general breed names.

Your Options:
Aquatic Green Coldhide
Austrian Sapphiretailed Slimewind
Brazilian Giantskull
Brazilian Ruby Bloodbone
Cambodian Hopping Stalker
Cliff-dwelling Poisonwing
Coldfin Leaper
Columbian Bloodybone Sniffer
Hungarian Dark Goldclaw
Japanese Boltshelled Sharphide
Korean Giantfrilled Mottled
Korean Stormmawed Lightfury
Mongolian Light Hightalon
Norwegian Bloodybone
Norwegian Darkwind
Persian Savage Bloodblast
Ragebolt Tyrant
Sapphire Aircloud
Sharpscale Climber
South American Scaleface Meat-eater
Spined Vilespine
Stonebolt Tyrant
Yugoslavian Firescaled Silver


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