Dragon Breed Generator

Creates names for Dragon Breeds. 'Earth-setting' will make names for breeds in an earth setting, such as Harry Potter or AU stories. 'General Fantasy' will produce general breed names.

Your Options:
American Rare Narrowcrest
Antarctic Nightstrike Monitor
Aquatic Furyblast Burner
Aquatic Savage Boltstinger
Armored Fireshell
Atlantic Darkstrike Blaster
Atlantic Furred Terrorgout
Atlantic Poisonstinger
Austrian Mottled Meat-eater
Brazilian High-nesting
British Cold Nightmaw
Cantonese Diamondnecked Pouncer
Dutch Darkmawed Stormer
Eurasian Acidrage Sniffer
Indonesian Uncommon Flamegout
Korean Shelled
Luxeomburg Stonetorrent Leaper
Mongolian Longshelled Firestrike
Pacific Uncommon Scaleface
Russian Shelltaloned Icebolt
South African Thickbodied Slimefury
Spanish High-diving Stormgout
Thai Heavyjaw Ranger
Trampling Giantstinger
Yugoslavian Narrowfanged Blaster


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