Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This being comes from the astral plane. It resembles a turtle and has the beak of an eagle. It seems to be made of liquid that somehow holds a form. Spheres of night-black light hover around it.
This being was formed by the passion of the god of agriculture. It vaguely resembles a gorilla and has the legs of a turtle, though its legs are unusually very short. It always appears to be wreathed in smoke.
This bizarre being was formed by the hatred of Satan. It vaguely recalls the form of a gorilla, and it has no facial features except for its nose. It appears to be a plant instead of a creature. An odd darkness always seems to follow it.
This creature was formed from the bodily fluids of the god of day. It looks like a spider twisted into the form a bear. Its body seems strangely flattened, almost like cloth or paper. It leaves a trail of slime wherever it goes.
This legendary creature mutated from mankind some time in the past. It looks like a sawfish bent into the form a horse. It has royal purple skin covered in orfices.
This legendary creature originated before mankind did. It looks like a cuttlefish sculpted into the form a bear. Instead of flesh, it appears to be made of metal. It moves without a sound.
This monster comes from a parallel world. It reminds one of a baboon, and it has mirrorlike skin. It has eight heads.
This mysterious being originated before mankind did. It reminds one of a cuttlefish, but it seems to be composed of fingers. It it has a trunk instead of a beak. An odd radiance eminates from it.
This mythical being is an accidental creation of clerics. It looks like a strange merger of a frog and a fish. Instead of flesh, it appears to be composed of silver energy. Spheres of purple light hover around it.
This mythical entity comes from the future. Its left side is that of a nautilus while its right side is that of a tarantula. It appears to be composted of crystal.


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