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Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This bizarre being is summoned by alchemists as a warrior. It loosely resembles a crocodile, and it has no head. Its body is skeletal, yet it has functioning organs and viscera in its bony frame. A small storm cloud always envelops it.
This entity is an avatar of the goddesses of vegetation. It looks like a bear reformed into the form a monkey. It has bone-white tentacles all over its body.
This entity is formed by the soul of a person whose dying emotion was one of sadness. Its left side is that of a tarantula while its right side is that of a frog. Instead of flesh, it appears to be a kind of mechanism.
This entity mutated from mankind some time in the past. It looks like a buffalo bent into the form a frog. It has no eyes.
This legendary being originated before all other life. It looks like a frog bent into the form an octopus. It has tentacles ending in an eye. Skulls float around it, seeming strangely alive.
This monster evolved from other life forms. It looks like a man sculpted into the form a anteater. It has a very long tail.
This monster originated before mankind did. It looks like a bizarre combination of a bear and a tarantula. It seems to warp and distort space wherever it is.
This mythical creature was formed from the blood of God. It vaguely resembles a bobcat and has the stinger of a scorpion. It has mirrorlike skin.
This strange entity is summoned by clerics as a soldier. It resembles a rabbit, but it seems to be composed of heads of various creatures. It is missing a tail.
This strange monster is formed from the souls of deceased barbarians who died in a state of hearbreak. It slightly reminds one of a spider, and it has barklike skin. It it has no eyes. It seems to warp and distort space wherever it is.


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