Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This creature originated before all other life. It looks like a wolverine with the hindquarters of a baboon.
This creature was formed from the skull of an angel of fatherhood. It vaguely recalls the form of an eel, and it has two noses. Its body seems strangely flattened, almost like cloth or paper.
This entity mutated from mankind some time in the past. It looks like a beautiful fusion of a alligator and a cuttlefish. It has tentacles that appear to be composed of energy instead of matter. An odd darkness always seems to follow it.
This entity was formed from the viscera of God. It vaguely resembles a alligator, and it is missing a tail. Strange, misty forms swirl around it constantly.
This legendary being was formed by the fear of Satan. It looks like a frog with the hindquarters of a tarantula. Strange, misty forms swirl around it constantly.
This monster was formed by the joy of the god of the sun. It looks like a strange combination of a bobcat and a ferret. It Its legs are backwards.
This mysterious creature was formed from the heart of God. It resembles a lizard, and it has mirrorlike skin. It has a shortened tail. Several swords hover around it, under its command.
This mysterious monster comes from the future. It slightly reminds one of a buffalo, but it seems to be composed of waves of energy. It has nine arms.
This mythical entity is the incarnation of living people's boredom. It looks like a weird combination of a tarantula and a squid.
This strange creature is an accidental creation of exorcists. It looks like an ape twisted into the form a frog. Its body is skeletal. Near it, all sound seems muted.


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