Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

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This being is summoned by demonologists as an assasin. It looks like a vulture bent into the form a squid. It has tentacles that appear to be composed of energy instead of matter. For some reason, its hard to look directly at it.
This bizarre creature is the incarnation of living people's fear. It reminds one of a spider, and it has eyes like holes in space. It seems hollow, as if it is more of an animate suit of armor than a living creature.
This bizarre monster is a soldier of the gods of vengeance, but it questions its role. Its left side is that of an owl while its right side is that of a fox. As opposed to solid substance, it appears to be made of some genatinous material.
This entity comes from a parallel world. It looks like a python twisted into the form a badger. It has no legs, its lower body trailing off like a wisp of smoke. An odd darkness always seems to follow it.
This entity comes from the astral plane. It looks like a crow with the hindquarters of a wasp. It seems to warp and distort space wherever it is.
This entity evolved from other life forms. It reminds one of a tarantula, and it has no legs.
This entity is formed from the soul of a ranger who has passed away. It resembles a barracuda, and it has apple-green skin covered in oozing openings.
This legendary creature evolved alongside mankind. It slightly resembles a cuttlefish, but it seems to be composed of heads of various creatures. Skulls float around it, seeming strangely alive.
This monster evolved alongside mankind. It resembles a spider, and it has five legs. It is wreathed in flames.
This mysterious creature is formed from the soul of a blacksmith who died in a state of pessimism. It reminds one of a squid, but it seems to be composed of sharp edges. It has four beaks.


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