Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This being comes from another world. It looks like a strange fusion of a horse and an eel. It has a very short tail.
This being is formed from the souls of deceased wizards who died in a state of frustration. It looks like a spider bent into the form a baboon. It has red quills covering its body. Several swords hover around it, under its command.
This bizarre monster comes from an elemental plane. It vaguely recalls the form of a spider, but it seems to be composed of human limbs. It it has no face. It moves without a sound.
This creature comes from the astral plane. It reminds one of a spider, but it seems to be composed of rays of light. It it has no eyes.
This creature is a creation of diviners. It reminds one of a scorpion, and it has a long stinger. Spheres of blue light hover around it.
This entity is summoned by clerics as a minion. It reminds one of a dove and has the tentacles of a cuttlefish. It has gray skin covered in oozing openings.
This monster is formed from the souls of deceased seers. It resembles an owl, but it seems to be composed of blobs of tissue. It has no eyes.
This monster originated before all other life. Its left side is that of a iguana while its right side is that of a tiger. A strange miasma follows it.
This mysterious being is the incarnation of the soul of a person driven by sadism. It looks like an owl twisted into the form a gecko. It has a tail ending in a mouth.
This strange entity was formed by the anger of an angel of agriculture. It looks like a blasphemous merger of a bobcat and a salamander. It is hairless with emerald skin.


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