Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This being comes from another dimension. It looks like a shrew twisted into the form a bear. Spheres of green light hover around it.
This being evolved alongside mankind. It reminds one of an octopus, and it has transparent skin, leaving its innards clearly visible. This creature it has no tentacles.
This being is a creation of alchemists. It slightly resembles an eel, but it seems to be composed of viscera. It has seven tails. An odd radiance eminates from it.
This creature evolved alongside mankind. It looks like a beautiful combination of a bear and a monkey. It has no legs, its lower body trailing off like a wisp of smoke.
This entity mutated from other life forms. It reminds one of an eel, and it is missing a tail. It seems to be hollow, as if it is more of an outfit than a living creature. An odd radiance eminates from it.
This legendary entity comes from a parallel world. It resembles an eel, and it has a tail ending in a head.
This monster is formed from the souls of people who died feeling fury. It resembles an eel and has the tentacles of a cuttlefish.
This mysterious monster comes from the past. It looks like a gorilla sculpted into the form a turtle. It has no face. It moves without a sound.
This mythical being is the incarnation of living people's hearbreak. It looks like an octopus sculpted into the form a hyena. Instead of flesh, it appears to be made of metal. A small storm cloud always envelops it.
This strange monster is a creation of clerics. It looks like a cuttlefish with the hindquarters of a wolverine. Streaks of green light swirl around it.


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