Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This being is formed from the souls of deceased warlords who died in a state of hopelessness. It slightly reminds one of a gorilla, and it has three eyes. Its body seems to be made of bones.
This bizarre creature comes from another dimension. It looks like a disgusting fusion of a wolverine and a mule. It appears to be composted of crystal.
This bizarre monster mutated from mankind some time in the past. It looks like a crocodile twisted into the form a badger. It has its mouth set vertically in its face. An odd darkness always seems to follow it.
This creature is an accidental creation of shamans. It reminds one of an eagle, and it has no legs. Several swords hover around it, under its command.
This entity is a creation of God. It looks like an eel twisted into the form a snake.
This entity originated before mankind did. It vaguely resembles a gecko and has the legs of a mosquito. It has mirrorlike skin.
This legendary entity comes from another world. It vaguely recalls the form of a dragonfly, and it has brown skin covered in sores. It has tiny eyes.
This mysterious being is a creation of magicians. It looks like a shrew bent into the form an eel. Its body is skeletal.
This mysterious monster comes from the astral plane. It resembles an eagle, but it seems to be composed of ropelike tendrils.
This strange entity comes from a parallel world. It looks like a bizarre merger of a fish and a locust. It is covered in olive-green feathers.


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