Legendary Creature Generator

Fantastical and mythical creatures generated for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Your Options:
This being is a soldier of God, but it was given its freedom. It resembles an ant, and it has hundreds legs. Its body seems strangely flattened, almost like cloth or paper.
This bizarre entity comes from the future. It looks like a whale with the hindquarters of a mouse. It has yellow quills covering its body. It appears bound in chains.
This bizarre monster is a companion of God, and it serves loyally. It loosely resembles a turtle, and it has short feet. As opposed to solid substance, it appears to be made of some genatinous material. Several swords hover around it, under its command.
This creature originated before all other life. It looks like a bobcat bent into the form a crow. It it has no wings.
This creature was formed by the sadism of the goddess of the sun. It slightly reminds one of an orangutan, but it seems to be composed of viscera.
This entity evolved from other life forms. It looks like a salamander with the hindquarters of a weasel. It has semi-transparent yellow skin. It is wreathed in mists.
This monster comes from a parallel world. It reminds one of a spider, and it it has no face.
This monster is a minion of Satan. It reminds one of an ant, and it has ten eyes. Near it, all sound seems muted.
This monster was formed by the hopelessness of God. It resembles a spider, and it has tiny legs.
This mythical creature is summoned by necromancers as a soldier. It resembles a turtle, and it has two legs. Instead of flesh, it appears to be a kind of mechanism.


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