Humorous Monster Generator

Sure they're dark terrors - but they're funny! Or funny creatures that are sort of dark. You get the idea.

Your Options:
Abyssal Taffy Giant of the Bus Station
Barbeque Djinni
Chosen Belch Construct
Cosmic Snail
Dire Manatee
Divine Hamster of the West
Giant Koala
Goblin Chihuahua
Grisly Salt Wraith
Illiterate Succubus
Inbred Hydra
Iridescent Potato Elemental of the Kitchen Sink
Iridescent Vanilla Spider
Jazz Phantasm
Kleptomaniac Glacier Ferret
Kleptomaniac Juggernaut
Koala of the Fortress
Madness Poodle of the Vortex
Moronic Blade Pigeon
Nomad Duck
Rainbow Quail of the Lost Kingdom
Salt Elemental
Stupid Construct
Wombat of the Void
Wraith of the Sewer


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