Humorous Monster Generator

Sure they're dark terrors - but they're funny! Or funny creatures that are sort of dark. You get the idea.

Your Options:
Astral Anime Dragon of the Parking Lot
Brass Kangaroo
Bunny of the Pit
Displacer Potato Construct
Ectoplasm Pigeon of the Past
Ectoplasmic Taffy Wyrm of the Candy Store
Enchanted Kazoo Banshee
Golem Ferret
Gourmet Crypt Ferret
Guardian Snail
Juggling Mountain Sheep
Kleptomaniac Vampire
Leech Platypus
Parrot of the Underworld
Phantom Lint Ghost
Psionic Parrot of the Void
Retro Blade Hamster
Runed Rhinestone Dragon
Spider of the Drive-Through
Spirit Paint Phantasm of the Bus Station
Stinky Sea Pony
Stupid Banshee of the Used-Car Lot
Tap-dancing Dragon
Tartan Rune Peacock
War Ferret


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