Humorous Monster Generator

Sure they're dark terrors - but they're funny! Or funny creatures that are sort of dark. You get the idea.

Your Options:
Astral Tennis Sphinx
Belching Maze Koala
Cartoon Angel
Demon Hamster
Elemental Allergy Golem
Elemental Platypus
Fiend Phlegm Devil of the Sock Drawer
Fiend Platypus of the Future
Flatuent Construct
Flowchart Homonculus
Gummy Mountain Koala
Homonculus Peacock
Mechanical Gumdrop Hydra of the Bus Station
Nightmare of New Jersey
Nomad Pigeon
Paranoid Magma Platypus
Phantom Bunny
Rollerskating Hammer Pony of the Undersea Kingdom
Slime Wombat
Star Chihuahua of the Cosmos
Tap-dancing Time Pony
Tartan Djinni
Tomb Platypus
Touchy-Feely Lich of the Brewery
Zombie Sheep


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