Humorous Monster Generator

Sure they're dark terrors - but they're funny! Or funny creatures that are sort of dark. You get the idea.

Your Options:
All-devouring Sheep
Arrow Pony
Ballpoint Leech
Cartoon Torch Anteater of the Malestrom
Chihuahua of the Mirror Universe
Copper Parrot
Dire Bunny of the Abyss
Ectoplasmic Cow
Fluffy Fiend
Ghost Taffy Hydra
Gibbering Lint Fiend
Gibbering Taffy Nightmare of the Parking Lot
Howling Kangaroo
Icky Giant
Legendary Rhinestone Construct
Neurotic Copper Snail of the South
Nomad Sheep of the Mirror Universe
Off-key Guardian of the Sewer
Phantasm of the Footlocker
Plaid Devil
Snail of the Lost Temple
Stir-Fry Hydra
Stir-Fry Phantasm
Time Peacock
Web Pony


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