Evil Animal Minion Generator

Animals turned to the service of evil - with appropriate enhancements, of course. The world isn't going to conquer itself you know.

Your Options:
Release the sneaky sneaky psychic aligators armed with machine guns!
Release the regenerating roaches that spit poison darts!
Release the demonic aligators that are immune to bullets!
Release the regenerating robot sharks!
Release the super-strong sneaky housecats with poisonous breath!
Release the robot monkeys that can smell fear!
Release the shape-shifting super-intelligent supersonic vampire squirrels that live to destroy!
Release the sneaky stealthy genetically-engineered elephants that can control minds!
Release the shape-shifting murderous telepathic psychic chihuahuas!
Release the shape-shifting stealthy mules!
Release the psychopathic super-intelligent whales that are immune to bullets!
Release the telepathic kangaroos powered by atomic energy!
Release the radioactive poodles that feed off of fear!
Release the supersonic sneaky mechanical deer!
Release the stealthy whales powered by atomic energy!


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