Evil Animal Minion Generator

Animals turned to the service of evil - with appropriate enhancements, of course. The world isn't going to conquer itself you know.

Your Options:
Release the giant berserk robot pandas!
Release the regenerating single-minded shape-shifting pandas!
Release the anthropomorphic angry badgers!
Release the single-minded berserk android deer that spit poison darts!
Release the radioactive deer that spew deadly parasites!
Release the genetically-engineered murderous oxen!
Release the super-fast single-minded telepathic kangaroos that can control minds!
Release the mind-controlled demonic possums!
Release the super-strong sneaky capybaras that throw blasts of energy!
Release the minature sharks that can smell fear!
Release the psychic spiders that feed off of fear!
Release the supersonic shape-shifting hippos!
Release the stealthy invisible android gekos that can smell fear!
Release the throat-ripping housecats that can emit electrical bursts!
Release the sneaky super-intelligent foxes that can emit electrical bursts!


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