Dark Minion Generator
Your Options:
Air Ghasts Of The Oozing Divinity
Consuming Beings Of Igggn, The Firey Hunter
Final Killing Gibberers
Flesh Flyers
Flyers From The Melting Sphere
Grand Running Horrors
Great Immolating Suckers
Hacking Offspring From The Desert Realm
Legendary Earth Spawn
Melters Of The Burning Avatar
Metal Entities
Panic Ones From Rsamarut, The Ghastly Plane
Primal Storm Entities
Primal Torture Crushers
Rippers Of The Creamating Screamer
Ripping Cyclopses From The Bloody Planet
Slithering Renders From The Fear World
Storm Children From The Ghastly Sphere
Terrifying Devils From The Elder Realm
War Consumers Of Olanaghil, The Slaying Divinity


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