Dark Minion Generator
Your Options:
Brood Of The Screaming Murderer
Chaos Shades From The Drowning World
Final Flesh-eating People
Ghastly Attackers Of Gg-mi, The Screaming Goddess
Grand Oblivion Brood
Grand Worm Spawn
Hate Hunters Of The Running Goddess
Holding Jackals From The Memory Plane
Horror Drowners Of The Killing Incarnation
Legendary Devil Inheritors
Legendary Tunnel Children
Melting Children
Mountain Brood From The Secret Plane
Primordial Secret Scions
Profane Smashers From Llotho, The Screaming Plane
Slashing Lurkers From The Doom Dimension
Slashing Offspring From The Insane Dimension
Smashers From Lelhogot, The Mystery Planet
Snare Ghasts
Wolf Spawn


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