Mascot Generator

Characters in the vein of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (tm) are popular in everything from use as mascots to art, to gaming characters. This generator will provide for your mascot needs!

Your Options:
Blanco the weasel - the innocent, white-colored astronomer.
Blueberry the kangaroo - the solem, blue-colored cavalryman.
Brains the hyrax - the wild, violet-colored musician.
Brainy the rhinocerous - the dynamic, black-colored scientist.
Breaker the horse - the clever, orange-colored construction worker.
Breaker the jaguar - the foul-mouthed, gray-colored outlaw.
Chicory the aardvark - the dishonest, blue-colored bodyguard.
Crack the cheetah - the wise, blue-colored musician.
Fire the fox - the sneaky, yellow-colored magician.
Gear the raven - the lazy, violet-colored engineer.
Grinder the armadillo - the aristocratic, yellow-colored outlaw.
Heliotrope the wolverine - the sensitive, purple-colored warrior.
Hercules the platypus - the wild, white-colored swashbuckler.
Horizon the echidna - the calm, blue-colored noblewoman.
Lime the rhinocerous - the confused, green-colored barbarian.
Milk the skunk - the tense, white-colored doctor.
Pitch the snake - the dynamic, black-colored seer.
Sarge the macaw - the solem, green-colored guardian.
Schemer the rat - the witty, violet-colored inventor.
Scout the orangutan - the gentle, yellow-colored spy.
Shadow the deer - the studious, black-colored wrestler.
Smoke the jaguar - the brave, white-colored guide.
Steel the koala - the serious, white-colored bodyguard.
Steel the mink - the brave, gray-colored gambler.
Twilight the tasmanian devil - the silly, black-colored spiritualist.


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