Mascot Generator

Characters in the vein of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (tm) are popular in everything from use as mascots to art, to gaming characters. This generator will provide for your mascot needs!

Your Options:
Anaranjado the iguana - the proud, orange-colored guardian.
Azul the hyrax - the peaceful, blue-colored hunter.
Blau the capybara - the silly, blue-colored noblewoman.
Blaze the raven - the argumentative, yellow-colored ninja.
Charcoal the warthog - the studious, black-colored warrior.
Chaser the alligator - the wild, white-colored pirate.
Cloud the kestrel - the cheerful, gray-colored detective.
Dodge the hummingbird - the composed, gray-colored outlaw.
Dohickey the cuckoo - the foul-mouthed, blue-colored engineer.
Dusk the bird - the gentle, purple-colored necromancer.
Ebony the deer - the arrogant, black-colored necromancer.
Force the mandrill - the dishonest, green-colored martial artist.
Gimmick the bat - the mystical, black-colored detective.
Gold the reindeer - the intelligent, yellow-colored spy.
Goldberg the deer - the noble, yellow-colored airplane pilot.
Gypsy the vulture - the mystical, white-colored traveler.
Rig the mink - the studious, yellow-colored engineer.
Savvy the porcupine - the courageous, black-colored musician.
Smasher the weasel - the placid, blue-colored martial artist.
Sniper the hyrax - the sensitive, orange-colored superhero.
Soot the panda - the romantic, black-colored outlaw.
Steel the wolverine - the dynamic, gray-colored guide.
Strongarm the eagle - the lazy, violet-colored brawler.
Sutra the shrew - the bouncy, violet-colored rockstar.
Zigzag the meerkat - the misguided, white-colored con-woman.


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