Mascot Generator

Characters in the vein of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (tm) are popular in everything from use as mascots to art, to gaming characters. This generator will provide for your mascot needs!

Your Options:
Blue the walrus - the foul-mouthed, blue-colored boxer.
Breaker the elephant - the courageous, orange-colored fighter.
Crack the hippo - the dynamic, orange-colored airplane pilot.
Dart the giraffe - the lonely, violet-colored archer.
Diamond the toad - the peaceful, red-colored pirate.
Dusk the wasp - the cunning, purple-colored barbarian.
Garlic the reindeer - the aristocratic, yellow-colored witch.
Guide the lizard - the curious, orange-colored priest.
IQ the toad - the angry, yellow-colored pilot.
Iris the jackal - the serene, white-colored airplane pilot.
Jinx the reindeer - the aristocratic, black-colored rockstar.
Mist the vulture - the intelligent, gray-colored pilot.
Murk the prairie dog - the aristocratic, black-colored policewoman.
Paladin the monkey - the tense, red-colored warrior.
Plotter the goat - the solem, blue-colored superhero.
Quartz the kestrel - the intelligent, white-colored construction worker.
Rover the hummingbird - the romantic, blue-colored outlaw.
Sarge the fox - the intelligent, violet-colored cavalryman.
Schemer the duck - the boorish, blue-colored hypnotist.
Sigil the capybara - the enthusiastic, gray-colored rockstar.
Sneaky the mole - the friendly, green-colored punk rocker.
Steel the lizard - the wily, orange-colored archer.
Sutra the lemur - the innocent, violet-colored superhero.
Tangerine the turtle - the soulful, orange-colored con-woman.
Tripper the porcupine - the greedy, orange-colored traveler.


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