Anthropomorphic Animal Generator

Anthropomorphic (humanized) animals are incredibly popular; as a way to create aliens, as mascots, as humorous characters, or for people who really, really just like anthropomorphic animals! This generator will provide you with all your anthropomprohic needs - even allowing you to generate professions for such characters.

This generator lists 'regular' animals first, and then 'mythicals' for a more mythical take on such creatures.

Your Options:
The irrational female anthropomorphic Newt who can't resist a fight.
The smart, tactless, sheltered female anthropomorphic Turkey. She has a busty build. Her wardrobe is elaborate.
The alienated, seasoned female anthropomorphic Bat with an odd birthmark. She has an elegant build.
The intelligent, tolerant, worldwise female anthropomorphic Frog. She has a muscular build.
The sheltered male anthropomorphic Panda Bear.
The clever, introverted, seasoned male anthropomorphic black-feathered Bird looking for love. He has a lithe build. His wardrobe is attractive.
The unwise, funny, cooperative female anthropomorphic white-scaled Fish with unexpected depths. She has a lithe build.
The unwise, detached, broken-hearted female anthropomorphic black-scaled Lizard. Her wardrobe is plain.
The clueless, stingy, educated female anthropomorphic Bat. Her wardrobe is fashionable.
The cheerful, disloyal, world-weary male anthropomorphic Salamander. He has a broad-shouldered build. His wardrobe is elaborate.


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