Fantasy Crossbreed Generator

In fantasy fiction, games, and anime, human and non-human crossbreeds are so common your average monster seems to spend time hanging out in either A) a wizard's laboratory, or B) a singles bar. Since such characters are popular, I figured they deserved their own generator!

Your Options:
The sloppy, world-weary female half-Fairy mage who suffers from a chronic medical condition. Her body is one half human - one half taking after her non-human ancestor.
The confused, uneducated male half-Oroborous poacher. His non-human ancestry is very obvious and not-concealable, but not particuarly disturbing.
The scatterbrained female half-Satyr tomb robber. She appears as an 'humanized' version of her non-human parent, but it is an attractive, not monstrous appearance.
The forceful female half-Tengu witch/warlock who is cursed with bad luck. She has a lean build. Her wardrobe is weird. Her non-human ancestry gives her a horribly inhuman appearance.
The illogical, corrupt, worldwise male half-Gargoyle alchemist. His body is a mismatched composite of his human and non-human ancestry.
The tactful male half-Keplie inquisitor. His wardrobe is elaborate. He appears to have multiple personalities - at times being human, at times taking after his non-human parent.
The ignorant, tireless male half-Catoblepas brigand. He has a plump build. His wardrobe is uncomplicated. He appears human - but has the personality and habits of his non-human ancestor.
The mature, disloyal male half-Kappa witch/warlock. He has a slender build. He appears far more non-human than human.
The illogical female half-Werecat blacksmith. She has a voluptuous build. Her wardrobe is utilitarian. She appears human - but has the personality and habits of her non-human ancestor.
The mysterious, cooperative male half-Vampire alchemist with a chemical dependency. He has a masculine build. His non-human ancestry gives him a strangely attractive appearance.


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