Anime Fanboy Fantasy Fulfiller

Ideas for ladies to fire the imaginations of anime fanboys, by combining and recombining certain popular traits and tropes. There's admittedly not a lot of depth here, but that's kind of the point . . .

Your Options:
The jiggly cyborg catgirl!
The perky bunnygirl who wants to find love!
The insatiable jiggly alien princess!
The muscular alien angel!
The sensual busty alien demoness goddess!
The loving shape-shifting bunnygirl!
The bisexual other-dimensional nymphomaniac who wears tight leather!
The cyborg bunnygirl with magical powers!
The oversexed amazonian nymphomaniac who caries handcuffs everywhere!
The nymphomaniac succubus with guns!
The erotic cyborg librarian who wears only a thong!
The jiggly succubus who wears tight leather!
The bisexual double-jointed android who will do anything for chocolate!
The voyeristic catgirl with a nude transformation sequence!
The pigtailed cyborg who focuses obsessively on one master!


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