Fangirl Fantasy Generator

Hot and spicy fantasies for fangirls, straight out of the database, with a heavy heaping of anime influences, with a side serving of vampires and the supernatural, seasoned with lots of colorful descriptions and metaphors.

Your Options:
The secretive cat-boy. His pine-green eyes can seduce you with a glance. His teal hair is bound in several braids. His clothes are charmingly casual, and he has a preference for green. He always wears an expensive bracelet.
This devil is soft-spoken, well-groomed, and obviously hiding something. His silver hair is bound by a single white ribbon. His midnight black eyes are always looking at painful memories.
This adventurer has a brash exterior, and a soft interior. His haunted eyes are like two pearls. His ash-gray hair almost demands you run your fingers through it.
The poised half-angel. His hair is the color of valuable emeralds. His charcoal-colored eyes glow with an inner light.
The naive, mysterious secret agent. His braided hair is apricot-colored. His burning eyes are like two drops of wine. His voice has a musical quality to it. His clothes are mysterious, and he has a preference for yellow.
The kind incubus. His penetrating eyes are plum-colored. His blood-red hair is bound by a single black ribbon. His outfits are fashionable.
The smart teacher. His sapphire hair seems to defy gravity. His beyrl-green eyes conceal as well as reveal.
The playful assasin. His eyes are like two setting suns. His obsidian hair flows over his shoulders like water. He has flawless skin.
This warrior is pretty much completely insane. Yet cute. His ivory hair is bound by a single black ribbon. His hypnotic eyes are peach-colored.
This elf has abandonment issues and needs love. His artistic hair is the color of varnished wood. His alabaster eyes pierce your soul. His outfits are bizarre, he has a preference for red, and he has a thing for leather boots.


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