Fangirl Fantasy Generator

Hot and spicy fantasies for fangirls, straight out of the database, with a heavy heaping of anime influences, with a side serving of vampires and the supernatural, seasoned with lots of colorful descriptions and metaphors.

Your Options:
The unwise yet compassionate king. His hair is the color of turquoises. His naughty eyes are amber. He tends to be soft-spoken.
This mage is a ladies man - or at least appears to be. His beyrl-green eyes sparkle mysteriously. His indigo hair always gets into his eyes.. He has a charming accent.
This half-angel is quietly hiding the pain of a terrible tragety. His burning eyes are emerald. His chalk-white hair flows like a waterfall.
This fae can be annoying and brash, yet is somehow still loveable. His luminous eyes are coffee-colored. His hair is the color of fine silver.
This adventurer is a good person struggling with an inner darkness. His eyes are like two flames. His streaming hair is lavender. He tends to be soft-spoken. He has scars on his left hand.
The withdrawn, cautious half-angel. His long hair is iron-gray. His expressive eyes are like two setting suns. His clothes are bizarre, and he prefers clothes made from exotic furs.
The smart and outgoing scientist. His midnight black eyes burn with passion. His thick hair is the color of beyrl. His voice is commanding.
This fae is terribly tragic, in a very cuddly way. His intriguing eyes are tangerine-colored. His hair is the color of fine gold. His outfits are fashionable, and he has a thing for outfits that include frills.
This bodyguard is a complete ladykiller. His long and luxurious hair is the color of the midnight sky. His dancing eyes are beige. When he speaks, he speaks each word dramatically and clearly. His high cheekbones give him an exotic appearance.
The intelligent mage. His immaculate hair is aquamarine. His soot-black eyes sparkle mysteriously. His clothes are comfortable, and he has a preference for orange and yellow. He likes to wear a lot of amulets.


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