Fangirl Fantasy Generator

Hot and spicy fantasies for fangirls, straight out of the database, with a heavy heaping of anime influences, with a side serving of vampires and the supernatural, seasoned with lots of colorful descriptions and metaphors.

Your Options:
This martial artist acts far younger than he is. His intriguing eyes are emerald. His overlong hair is ebony. He tends to speak in short sentances.
The unwise, arrogant martial arts instructor. His eyes are like two tiger-eye gems. His flowing hair is plum-colored. He obsessively wears a weird charm.
This samurai is a suave and unapologetic ladies' man. His burning eyes are like two chunks of jade. His well-styled hair is azure.
The honorable werewolf. His sensuous hair is lemon-yellow. His eyes are like two chunks of lapis lazuli.
This man-of-action seems evil, but has good intentions. His sapphire hair flows over his shoulders like water. His apple-green eyes express emotions in a way no words can.
This secret agent acts in an extremely femminine way. His eyes are like two spheres of night-black marble. His plum-colored hair is worn in dreadlocks. He tends to speak in short sentances. His clothes are mysterious, and he prefers clothes made from leather.
The kind superhuman. His peach-colored eyes burn with passion. His hair is the color of coffee with cream. His clothes are artistic, and he has a thing for outfits that include an exposed navel.
The tactful demigod. His glittering eyes are like two glowing embers. His milky-white hair is long and luxurious. He speaks softly, yet every word carries. His outfits are imaginative, he has a preference for gray, and he has a thing for a trailing coat and leather boots.
The inexperienced, angsty vampire. His coffee-colored hair almost demands you run your fingers through it. His dangerous eyes are like two windows on the afternoon sky. He has a charming accent. His outfits are classy, and he has a preference for white and violet.
This librarian may be evil, but can be changed by love. His hair is the color of milk chocolate. His iron-gray eyes hide secrets you can't begin to guess.


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