When you need those pretty anime boys, this generator will churn out all the bishounen you can handle and then some!

Your Options:
This gentleman's murderous, narrow eyes are the color of the evening sky. He has long, ebony hair. His build is very angular.
This gentleman's sand-colored eyes are those of a strutting tomcat. He has short, thick, curly, soot-black hair. His build is noteably angular.
This man has round eyes that are the color of ripe cherries. He has neck-length, teal hair with bangs fetchingly framing his face. His form is noteably angular. You can't help but compare him to a wary cheetah.
This man has a gentle air about him. His body is rather elegant. He has short, wavy, amethyst hair with bangs fetchingly framing his eyes. His wide eyes are indigo. He has long eyelashes.
This man has droopy, moss green eyes that twinkle fascinatingly. He has long, royal purple hair which flows elegantly over his shoulders. His physique is rather athletic. His mannerisms give you an impression of a lone wolf.
In trying to describe this man, "villain" is the best term you can think of. His physique is very slender. He has waist-length, straight, ebony hair. His deep-set eyes are the color of wild grass. He has an upturned nose and thin eyebrows.
This gentleman reminds you of a dignified swan. His physique is very willowy. He has ankle length, straight, milky white hair with one braid on the right side of his face. His wide eyes are the exact color of dark chocolate. He has long-fingered hands.
This gentleman has an air of energy about him. His form is rather femminine. He has neck-length, sand-colored hair mostly bound in a series of braids. His round eyes are apricot-colored and gleam fascinatingly.
This man's beyrl green eyes are those of a strutting tomcat. He has short, bone white hair. His physique is rather sleek.
This gentleman has an air of aristocraticy about him. His round eyes are peach-colored and sparkle interestingly. He has shoulder-length, lemon-yellow hair which has a form that reminds you of a flower's petals. His build is noteably slender. He has pointed ears.


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