When you need those pretty anime boys, this generator will churn out all the bishounen you can handle and then some!

Your Options:
This man's umber eyes are those of a darting, exotic fish. He has long, straight, rust-colored hair that is styled in a way reminicent of an elaborate sculpture. His body is very elegant.
This gentleman reminds you of a playful dolphin. His slitted eyes are plum-colored and twinkle interestingly. He has neck-length, sky blue hair bound in one large ponytail. His form is noteably muscular. He has an upturned nose.
You can't help but compare this gentleman to a menacing bat. His slitted eyes are vermillion. He has waist-length, luxurious, straight, milky white hair. His physical form is noteably slender. He has a pointed nose.
This man has narrow, teal eyes that glitter oddly. He has long, straight, mauve hair with one braid on the left side of his face. His physical form is noteably sleek. You find he has an aura of humor about him. He has a pointed nose.
This gentleman has slanted eyes that are the exact color of the afternoon sky. He has shoulder-length, straight, ebony hair which is in a style that reminds you of a mysterious hood. His physique is very lean. You find it all to easy to compare him to a tightly-coiled spring. He has a high forehead and a pointed chin.
This gentleman gives you the impression of a crazed madman. His almond-shaped eyes are sapphire and glow mysteriously. He has waist-length hair the color of the sun. His physical form is rather athletic.
This man gives you the impression of a sturdy tree. His form is noteably elegant. He has shoulder-length, milky white hair bound in a series of braids. His slitted eyes are lavender and glitter fascinatingly.
This gentleman reminds you of a malevolent demon. His almond-shaped eyes are brick-red. He has ankle length, straight, chestnut hair. His physical form is noteably muscular.
This gentleman gives you the impression of a benevolent angel. His form is rather angular. He has neck-length, straight, slate gray hair. His hooded eyes are sand-colored and glow mysteriously.
This man has trusting, lemon-yellow eyes that sparkle mysteriously. He has long, turquoise hair with prominent bangs. His build is very sleek.


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