Character Title Scrambler

Shift around a few titles and you get new - and potentially traumatic - fanfic and fanart ideas . . . or perhaps some new inspiration?

All characters mentioned are copyright(c), trademarked(tm) and soforth their individual owners. No infringement on existing copyright is intended. Not responsible whatsoever for the results or any reactions they cause.

Your Options:
Cameron Frye (Ferris Beuller's Day Off), MD
Mighty Morphin Richard Mayhew (Neverwhere)
Archie Bunker, Order of Merlin first class
Chablis (Midnight at the Garden of Good and Evil), Flying Ace
Dragon (Shrek), Warlord of Mars
Super-Saiyan Solomon (Bible)
King/Queen of Pop Brigitte (Ginger Snaps)
Gloria Cleary (Wedding Crashers), Mutant Master of Magnetism
Ed Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Space Pirate
Jedi Master Kay (Once and Future King)
Charlie Dalton (Dead Poets Society), Pinball Wizard
Nursie (Blackadder II), Pirate King
The Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rolla Robin Hood
MC GIR (Invader Zim)
Governor Miss Moneypenny (James Bond)


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