History Scrambler

Lets face it, sometimes you find inspiration looking back at historical figures and imagining them in other times or imagining people like them. So for those moments - or just for inspiration - this generator lets you imagine some of the famous people of history as classic fictional types . ..

Your Options:
Elvis - Pin-up Prettyboy
Marie Antoinette - Superheroine
Hypatia - Dragon-slayer
Franklin Roosevelt - Gothboy
John Lennon - Black Ops Agent
Oscar Wilde - Movie Mogul
Clytemnestra - Witch
Ada Lovelace - Computer Hacker
Queen Victoria - Paranormal Investigator
H.G. Wells - Singing Sensation
Herman Mellville - Wizard
Queen Victoria - Warlord
Julius Ceaser - Alien Fighter
Bach - Cyborg
Gertrude Stein - Cute Mascot
Roger Bacon - Time Traveller
Ben Franklin - Supervillain
Goethe - Heavy Metal Musician
Nietzsche - Fighter Pilot
Carl Jung - Jazz Musician
Jane Austen - High Priestess
J.R.R. Tolkein - Robot Pilot
Jane Adams - Rock and Roll Sensation
Sacagawea - Exotic Dancer
Confucius - Vampire Hunter


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