Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The inexperienced soldier who is estranged from family members.
The strong, lazy, immoral mercenary from a good family.
The unathletic, moralizing merchant who is dependent on medication.
The awkward, amiable singer.
The agile heroine.
The weak ambassador.
The graceful, tactful, self-righteous fence with repressed memories.
The rabble-rouser who hates animals.
The spy who is considered the worst in his/her profession.
The tactless theologian from a bad family.
The tireless, quiet actor.
The crippled assistant.
The weak, drunken spy.
The enduring, awkward spy.
The poised, plucky, attractive bodyguard.
The opinionated martial artist from a big family.
The conformist, patronizing mercenary.
The strong, frustrated, sleazy priestess from a big family.
The heroic farmer who lost meaning in life.
The ruthless, funny sailor.
The weak, popular lawman.
The unathletic, composed, homely mentor haunted by dark memories.
The unathletic businessperson from an unusual family line.
The artistic theologian haunted by dark memories.
The athletic, unbalanced adventurer.
The businessperson looking for a challenge.
The dexterous comic who belongs to a secret organization.
The persuasive politician who had a near-death experience that changed them significantly.
The poet with a large fortune.
The explorer hiding a dark secret.
The weak, moralizing bodyguard.
The distant, attractive prostitute searching for a lost friend.
The weak fence from a bad family.
The ambitious midwife.
The vicious boatman.
The athletic, cheerful pedlar.
The violent soldier who is estranged from family members.
The weak weapons master.
The odd heroine from a bad family.
The gigolo who has several nervous habits.
The enduring, social thief.
The clumsy acrobat.
The awkward, nice, promiscuous lawman.
The tireless explorer with repressed memories.
The happy, intimidating rogue.
The athletic, hateful, smooth assistant.
The weak singer searching for employment.
The sickly, cute bartender from an unusual family line.
The nimble, dissatisfied, infamous traitor.
The sarcastic assassin.


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