Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The sickly bounty hunter from an unusual family line.
The graceful, alienated actor.
The tactful architect with a heart of gold.
The poised, biased, generous servant who is a complete fraud.
The sickly explorer.
The sickly, stressed, vicious farmer.
The dancer searching for purpose.
The poised, compassionate rascal.
The unathletic traitor.
The inventor who is more than meets the eye.
The sickly, sarcastic leader from nowhere.
The withdrawn heroine from a small family.
The unathletic thief.
The friendly mentor.
The self-righteous lawman.
The strong, misunderstood, altruistic bounty hunter from an unusual family line.
The sickly, cooperative wanderer.
The corrupt poet.
The enduring, violent boatman.
The unhealthy hero with no hope.
The crippled, willful, moral heir.
The athletic, nervous, whiny marine.
The clumsy murderer.
The poised spy.
The mature, funny explorer.
The crippled, rude thief.
The opinionated farmer.
The happy, unethical murderer from a big family.
The clumsy martial artist from a good family.
The unhealthy, snide, posturing pharmacist.
The mean-spirited assassin.
The striking, neurotic midwife.
The tireless, unconfident, amiable actor from a good family.
The ambassador who is a complete fraud.
The striking explorer.
The strong, hypocritical traitor on the wrong side of the law.
The aged, hypocritical champion searching for a lost friend.
The pious lawman trapped by the past.
The unjust architect searching for justice.
The realistic, cruel merchant searching for justice.
The humble, open-minded cleric.
The plain official who is considered the best in his/her profession.
The mercenary with unexpected depths.
The chaste businessperson.
The sadistic inventor.
The nimble spy.
The unhealthy, peaceful, moralistic hermit who suffers from a chronic disease.
The graceful dancer.
The graceful farmer.
The striking, artistic, boring hero.


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