Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The athletic, humble servant.
The acrobatic, arrogant heir.
The enduring, brutal explorer who is considered the worst in his/her profession.
The awkward singer with an unexpected destiny.
The enduring, vocal gambler.
The unathletic, sleazy archivist.
The nimble, complacent official.
The unathletic gambler.
The acrobatic, disloyal traitor escpaing the past.
The pure assistant searching for employment.
The tireless, arrogant philanthropist.
The bartender with a heart of gold.
The cruel jailer.
The plain, chaste impostor looking for love.
The tireless assistant from a bad family.
The plain cleric who is an outsider.
The dexterous priest.
The unathletic, seasoned, ethical philosopher with an odd birthmark.
The sickly, weak, altruistic hero who suffers from a chronic medical condition.
The sadistic prostitute.
The healthy, aloof, unethical soldier.
The acrobatic, introverted beggar who hates animals.
The sickly, disloyal heir.
The narrow-minded rogue with an unexpected destiny.
The cunning, unheroic spy.
The paranoid midwife.
The energetic, self-righteous prospector.
The narrow-minded, striking rabble-rouser haunted by dark memories.
The weak, hypocritical, funny marine.
The broken-hearted bandit.
The burnt-out, sarcastic prostitute who has several nervous habits.
The awkward, smart, immoral inventor with unusual luck.
The rebellious businessperson from an unusual family line.
The sickly, unbalanced, broken-hearted pedlar.
The unhealthy leader.
The principled, tactful heroine.
The healthy politician who is more than meets the eye.
The weary explorer who fears people think he/she is a fraud.
The illogical, broken-hearted poet.
The agile ambassador.
The miserly heroine.
The friendly pedlar from a small family.
The actor who is dependent on medication.
The boastful traveler searching for justice.
The illogical priestess with an odd birthmark.
The tough assassin trapped by the past.
The sarcastic rascal.
The tough, brutal outlaw.
The greedy businessperson.
The patriotic cleric searching for truth.


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