Quick Character Generator

Quick, simple character descriptions, generic or for specific settings.

Your Options:
The healthy, forceful, social cleric trapped by the past.
The clumsy, bloodthirsty servant who loves animals.
The nice, alienated bodyguard who is estranged from family members.
The official who has an odd way of speaking.
The aged, cute martial artist.
The slovenly, eccentric midwife.
The aged, slovenly, posturing businessperson.
The artistic, eccentric spy.
The enduring smuggler.
The noisy, vicious sailor.
The aged, altruistic acrobat.
The promiscuous merchant.
The cooperative, striking heroine escpaing the past.
The impostor with a chemical dependency.
The strong miner who hates children.
The laid-back champion.
The persuasive poet.
The heroic bounty hunter who is cursed with bad luck.
The priest hiding a dark secret.
The enduring, unwise, cruel jailer searching for purpose.
The hysterical cleric.
The unconfident theologian.
The pious bandit.
The plain, stingy rascal.
The awkward murderer trapped by the past.
The open-minded acrobat who is given to moments of deep introspection.
The weak, nihilistic, brutal heroine.
The just, moralizing midwife.
The committed theologian.
The intelligent, awkward prostitute.
The poised, obedient miner with a dark past.
The charismatic hero.
The nimble, persuasive heir.
The craven, tactless farmer.
The confident priestess who is prone to odd statements.
The plain, stingy, righteous spy.
The awkward, promiscuous farmer who is cursed with bad luck.
The awkward bandit.
The aggravated inventor living on borrowed time.
The weak, heroic assassin with little money.
The agile ambassador escpaing the past.
The tough mentor.
The willful, homely pedlar.
The enduring, pompous boatman looking for a challenge.
The athletic hero with a large fortune.
The ruthless archivist who had a near-death experience that changed them significantly.
The plain, industrious, introverted smuggler who suffers from a chronic disease.
The paranoid impostor who is considered the best in his/her profession.
The poised, pure, extraverted soldier who is more than meets the eye.
The unhealthy, cheerful, rude soldier with little money.


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