Character Scrambler

Classic, archetypical, and just-plain overused characters and character concepts - scrambled to provide fresh new ideas.

Your Options:
The star athlete who keeps trying to relive their youth.
The strong but not very smart man who works as an assasin against the forces of darkness and whose scientific endeavors have given them a god complex.
The scoundrel with a heart of gold who has a tragedy in the past and who can't resist a party.
The loudmouthed opportunist with a heart of gold who is completely confused about their own past and who becomes a superhero.
The hard-nosed detective who wants to destroy the world due to emotional issues and who never loses important virtues or values.
The ditzy but loveable magical girl who becomes a hero despite their reluctance.
The secret horror in the shadows of society who inexplicably ends up getting into romantic situations with the protagonist.
The upper-class fop who must destroy a dangerous magical artifact and who is trying to prove himself to his dead parents.
The heir to greatness raised in secret who has endearingly crude traits and who needs a mentor to avoid misusing their talents.
The energetic young boy who needs a mentor to avoid misusing their talents.
The technical guru who selflessly protects the protagonist.
The innocent and loving girl who is a reincarnated princess.
The angsty and brooding protagonist who does good deeds merely for the praise.
The swift and beautiful elven archer who keeps repeating themselves over and over and who gives all they have to save the world.
The swift and beautiful elven archer who can't resist a party.


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