Character Scrambler

Classic, archetypical, and just-plain overused characters and character concepts - scrambled to provide fresh new ideas.

Your Options:
The misguided but honorable person who has a treasured personal weapon.
The mysterious yet totally ineffective magical knight who serves the Main Villain and whose time-traveling creates their own past.
The feminine yet insanely good-looking vampire who has to prove their worth and who inexplicably ends up getting into romantic situations with the protagonist.
The rare good member of an otherwise irredeemably evil race who is avoiding an arranged marriage.
The emotionally detached genius who has lost it all and who has endearingly crude traits.
The loveable cop who has a dark and mysterious past.
The loveable cop who needs a mentor to avoid misusing their talents and who is a reincarnated princess.
The mysterious yet totally ineffective magical knight who is seeking True Love and who can see the future with erratic reliability.
The wise guide who changes sides for love and who wants everything for their children.
The disturbing little girl who is the inheritor of a mysterious power and who has untapped depths of skill.
The kung-fu guru who wants everything for their children and who follows the protagonist anywhere.
The gunslinger who is trying to prove himself to his dead parents.
The wanderer with a unique gift who is seeking True Love.
The annoying screw-up sidekick who came back from the grave and who only pretends to be incompetent.
The brillaint young adult who has a soft spot for kids and who's true love is their ship.


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