Quest Item Generator

Items for specific quests in games and stories.

Your Options:
Adamantine Victory Gauntlet
Dark Cloud Helmet
Dark Jewel of Horror
The Amulets of Thunder, Luck, Blessings, Radiance, and Victory
The Crystals of Speed, Air, Terror, and Elements
The Cubes of Dissolution, Happiness, Chaos, Divination, Insanity, Life, and Thoughs
The Phylacteries of Confusion, Decay, Insight, and the Winds
The Phylacteries of the Stars, Paralysis, Mysteries, Impurity, Spirits, Souls, and Poison
The Skulls of the Winds, Thoughs, Words, Speed, the Ocean, Radiance, and Intelligence
The Wands of Strategy, Life, Blood, Magic, Devils, Chance, Blessings, and Spirits
The eleven parts of the Infernal Hammer of Thoughs
The five parts of the Ever-changing Blasphemy Gate
The four sections of the Cursed Curse Trident
The six sections of the Lordly Blade of the Stars
The twelve sections of the Warped Prayer Wand


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