Magic Item Generator

Magical item names and ideas. Simply select the category you're looking for, and next thing you know you're going to be up to your enchanted armpits with loot!

Your Options:
Abyssimal Glowing Mace
Ancestral Red Torc of Lawful Venom
Arch-angel's Voluge of Slay Consumers
Archmagi' Buckler of Barbarism Disk
Barbaric Monsters' Mandolin
Black Boomerang of the Infernal Rune of the Animated Skull
Breast Plate of the Damned Casting of the Adamantine Torcs
Bullet of Perfect Flesh Lances
Deathly Felines' War-axe of Deflect Acid
Ghostly Instant Harp
Good Harpoon
Innocent Arch-angel's Pipes
Innocent Swimmer's Harp of the Arch-angels' Hunger
Longsword of the Agile Elf
Ornate Bastard Sword
Quilted Armor of Deathly Insects
Royal Dragon's Arrow of Force Fields
Screaming Hatchet
Studious Swimmer's Partisan of Water Conjuration
Triton's Cloak


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