Fantasy Metal Generator

From mithril to Valarian Steel, unusual metals are a fixture of fantasy. After all you're not going to make the weapon that destroys the Dark Quene of Korgath from regular old metal, you're going to use Dragonblood Bonesteel of the Elves and do it right. This generator helps you come up with fantasy metals, Forge of Volcanic Truth not included.

Your Options:
Archangels' Shifting Copper Of History
Archangels' Smoke Steel
Elves' Red Rothammer Bronze
Ever-changing Sandglow Orichalcum
Glitter Violetbronze Of The Ocean
Life Silver
Litches' Orichalcum Of The Swamps
Mana-touched Muckplatinum Of The Future
Nightmares' Hell Sapphirelead Of The Past
Primal Glowsteel
Primal Sword Mercury
Smokeflesh Mithril
Spectres' Fang Sandmercury Of The Desert
Spectres' Unknown Windplatinum Of Life
Sword Shadowmirror Silver
Terrordust Lead
Thunderbirds' Lavarain Mercury
Tritons' Planar Fogmirror Platinum Of Time
Unknowable Magictalon Mithril Of The Future


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