Science Fiction Tool Generator

From the Sonic Screwdriver in 'Doctor Who' to Zero-g Spanners in various works, the worlds of science fiction are build on hard, high-tech, technobabble-filled work. So if you're fixing a starship or just putting up some shelves, this is where you go to find out what you'll need. Also, anythng can be more sonic.

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Your Options:
Antimatter Transwrench
Astroconfigurable Screwdriver
Circuit Chronostapler
Energy Cybersander
Flux Stapler
Gravitic Mallet
Hydroenergetic Measure
Maser Saw
Maser Vise
Neutronium Exogrinder
Omniconfigurable File
Singularity Measure
Ultracyclic Lathe
Zero-point Drill


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