Our Winners:

Shweebie's Gore Walker won first place. The entire retro-steampunk feel of the ad really got people's attention, and lent a sense of "feel" to it.



Date Name Generator Entry
6/16/2008 2 Draw With Promethium Weapon Generator Death Heater
7/15/2008 AlwaysDrm The Magic Item Generator Bracelet of the Dream
6/16/2008 Boss Hamster Vehicle Generator Stoneship
6/9/2008 CKY The Magic Item Generator Exalted Grey Box
7/7/2008 Christofur Vehicle Generator Deepgater
6/9/2008 Dead East SF Tool Generator Laserdrill
5/29/2008 Gentle Spring Rain SF Tool Generator Astrosaw
5/29/2008 Gentle Spring Rain The Magic Item Generator Wolf's Harpsicord
7/14/2008 Ghost-Eye Magic Item Generator Lost Orb of Canine Transmutation
7/7/2008 Hagee SF Medical Tool Pierce Surgical Ripper
7/7/2008 Harlequin Magic Item Perfected Builder's Automaton of the Ceremony of Dust
7/14/2008 Harusohmalvr Quest Item Generator The Talismans of Life, the Sea, Insanity, Impurity, Deception, Memories, and Earth.
5/29/2008 Invisible Turtle Vehicle Generator Venomball
5/29/2008 Kauser79 The Magic Item Generator Mace of Darkness Blasts Pendant of Corrupt Lizards
Marvelous Dragons' Tower Shield
Insane Seer's Helm
Ultimate Ornate Belt
7/14/2008 Lizardo 2008 The Magic Item Generator Great Immovable Pants of the Ritual of Generosity
Savage Glowing Quarterstaff
6/16/2008 Mr. Adam Magic Item Generator Infamous Necromancer's Coat
The Pants of Blessed Fire
Helm of Spirit's Anger
Archmagi's Shoes of Fish
The Goblin's Living Blowgun of Call Muck
7/14/2008 Nightmaria The Magic Item Generator Glorious Chakram of Curing and Dexterity
6/30/2008 Occalac Gadget Generator Burning Neuro Brain Flamer
6/30/2008 PayNo 0 SF Medical Tool Generator Cybernetic Hypodermic
6/30/2008 PayNo 0 SF Medical Tool Generator Heart Cyber Enhancer
5/29/2008 Predilection Studos The Magic Item Generator Caster's Rosary
5/8/2008 Ruhiarna-chan The Magic Item Generator Great Potion
7/7/2008 Shweebie Magic Item Generator Sitar of the Bane
6/9/2008 Shweebie Vehicle Generator Gorewalker
5/29/2008 Sparkyrat The Magic Item Generator Demon Elixir
7/14/2008 Star-kitten The Magic Item Generator The Cursed Flute of History Circles
6/16/2008 Tymime Vehicle Generator Sabermobile
5/14/2008 Vega Ex The Weapon Generator Lightchucks
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