Wrestling Move Generator

Names for wrestling moves, because the classic 'Sports Entertainment' really isn't the same without signature moves. These are based on deconstructing various classic moves, martial arts moves, and applying a bit of extra imagination and vocabulary.

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Your Options:
Apron Takedown
Backflip Straight
Chicken Wringer
Death Driver
Double Arm Jawbreaker
Handspring Tackle
Heart Fists
Inverted Trapezius Suicida
Leg Stomp
Mat Clutch
Mounted Power Roll
Nerve Stomp
Open Wing Breaker
Scorpion Chop
Scorpion Drop
Slingshot Knife
Springboard Bomb
Springboard Leg Knee
Springboard Stump Elbow
Three-quarter Torment Knee
Tombstone Bulldog Smash
Tombstone Eye Thrust
Turnbuckle Trip
Wheel Gutwrench
Wing Swing


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