Weird Name Generator

Truly bizarre and unusual names and titles for characters.

Your Options:
Bishop Who Oversees the Vault and is Posessing the Red Sanctum
Crystal Bracers
Czar Forgotten Unknown Kris
Living Assassin Who Lives in the Gorge and is Baptized in the Arena
Marquis in the Oblivion
Night of the Desecrated Mansion
Talisman of Radiance
Terrible Hate
The Adventurer That Betrays Blasphemy
The Red Earl Immersed in the Unknowable Marsh
The Clever Unspeakable Bodhisattva with an Eye of Aquamarine That Designed the Crypt
The Courageous Titanic Impostor That Rejects Iron
The Eighth Sultanna Who Seals the Courtesan
The Haunted Emperor Who Loves Steel
The Haunted Ethereal Lover with a Heart of Electrum That Sleeps in the Catacombs of Bronze
The Insane Princess That Rejects the Explorer
The Seventh Queen That Enlivenes the Singer
The Terrifying Chief
Trident of Silver
Warped Rogue Holding the Fire Pike and Who Eats in the Cenotaph


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