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General-purpose names.

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Amelia Rowland
Amparo Mabel Hunt
Angelina Eileen Ochoa
Araceli Gilmore
Bettye Gilmore
Bonnie Black
Carla Strong
Christina Raymond
Cora Lynda Santos
Cornelia Hoover
Daisy Selena Bentley
Denise Alyce Patterson
Elena Holt
Elma Gamble
Erna Marcie Levy
Ernestine Deanne Morris
Esther Davidson
Eve Cantu
Faith Helen Baldwin
Gwen Marks
Ila Winifred Sanchez
Jacklyn Dawson
Janette Beach
Jeannine Joy Gould
Jo Lily Coffey
Judith Ida Church
Laura Greta Sparks
Lola Marianne Washington
Lynda Beth Watson
Maggie Deloris Young
Mamie Davidson
Maritza Bush
Marsha Woodward
Melody Dollie Lowery
Meredith Blanca Morales
Miranda Denise Berger
Muriel Irwin
Nannie Pope
Pansy Cross
Rita Hope Williams
Rosella Page
Roxie Audrey Parrish
Sasha Phoebe Norris
Savannah Nannie Gomez
Shelia Bradley
Stephanie Louise Olson
Tami Ayala
Tamra Susanna Salazar
Tanya Helene Stephens
Winifred Aguirre


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