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General-purpose names.

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Aisha Jefferson
Alana Guy
Angela Norris
Araceli Lucia Malone
Charlotte Christine Pearson
Christa Erna Pearson
Claire Mendoza
Clare Mayra Hart
Clarissa Angelica Potter
Consuelo Noble
Dolores Amanda Summers
Edwina Deirdre Lynch
Edwina Margie Rasmussen
Geneva Michael
Gwen Yates
Jami Julianne Spence
Janell Earlene Meadows
Jeri Debbie Larson
Katina Reba Avila
Lauri Sheila Serrano
Leila Susan Houston
Leonor Elisabeth Boone
Leticia Lorraine Coffey
Lizzie Miller
Lorraine Horn
Louella Jeannette Newton
Louisa Knight
Lourdes Angelia Hogan
Mable Hallie Valenzuela
Madeline Lyons
Marci Lorene Barber
Marcie Herman
Mari Sharp
Marilyn Mercer
Marla Shelley Hampton
Martina Golden
Maryanne Juarez
Norma Willis
Opal Howe
Randi Jodi Ewing
Rena Sherry Frazier
Ruthie Monica Vaughan
Sallie Hahn
Selma Dixie Dorsey
Sue Hays
Susanna Mcdonald
Tania Sharlene Peters
Tasha Hines
Vicky Jessica Levy
Wilma Mavis Santos


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