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Abigail Emily Morrow
Allyson Shaw
Augusta Hilary Simpson
Bettie Griffith
Brianna Weber
Callie Saunders
Carla Tamera Hooper
Concepcion Phoebe Whitfield
Consuelo Vasquez
Deanne Essie Mooney
Deidre Clayton
Deirdre Keisha Allen
Dena Manuela Moreno
Dianne Skinner
Fanny Mooney
Flora Ball
Gabriela Finch
Inez Nicole Beard
Isabella Therese Knapp
Jennifer Ada Moran
Josefa Edith Summers
Kirsten Dudley
Kristie Wooten
Kristina Mckay
Leonor Cole
Liza Trina Moran
Lorna Robbins
Louisa Bryant
Louise Armstrong
Louise Rosetta Morse
Lucinda Rutledge
Marianne Flora Hodge
Marie Alisa Beasley
Mildred Marylou Goodwin
Millie Santana
Monique Cornelia Gibbs
Nadine Francisca Santos
Nanette Rosella Maldonado
Natalia Lynette Mendez
Nona Addie Cunningham
Opal Jade Contreras
Pansy Sandoval
Rhonda Bernadette Bartlett
Rosemarie Durham
Roslyn Spears
Ruthie Christy Stout
Shelia Evelyn Potts
Tabitha Lenore Adkins
Tameka Jefferson
Tammi Cecelia Salinas


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