Supervillain Theme Generator

Ideas for Supervillain themes to inspire and amuse.

Your Options:
The galactic inquisitor of policemen.
The scientifically-created killer.
The biochemical queen of devils.
The hysterical vivisectionist of heroes.
The orbital queen of time.
The murderous avatar of illusions.
The gravity-wielding technology collector.
The drug-dealing ghoul.
The desert-dwelling assassin of heroes.
The manipulative ocean-dwelling warlock.
The body-snatching manipulator of agony.
The body-snatching dictator of demons.
The demonic king of rebels.
The celebrity emperess.
The sewer-dwelling mutated millionaire.
The easily-annoyed vagabond warlock.
The combative vivisectionist of the wise.
The manic power collector.
The corporate emperess of air.
The pillaging ghoul.


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