Supervillain Theme Generator

Ideas for Supervillain themes to inspire and amuse.

Your Options:
The cynical inhuman brute.
The genius slavedriver of the doomed.
The vengeful infiltrating ghost.
The ruthless king of armor.
The sleazy jungle-dwelling avatar.
The vicious emperess of demons.
The android conqueror of policemen.
The unpopular impostor of heretics.
The aerial unnatural madwoman.
The freakish commando.
The charming hip lord.
The militant idea counterfeiter.
The nuclear treasure counterfeiter.
The diabolic pusher.
The vicious ocean-dwelling cyborg.
The genius prince of sorcerors.
The jealous princess of cultists.
The blackmailing artificially-created oppressor.
The supernatural sorceror of data.
The displaced slavemaster of demons.


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