Supervillain Theme Generator

Ideas for Supervillain themes to inspire and amuse.

Your Options:
The smuggling manipulator of rock.
The scientifically-created terror.
The corporate inhuman millionaire.
The displaced hitman of heroes.
The vengeful goth ghoul.
The intimidating spell counterfeiter.
The deceptive inhuman vivisectionist.
The alien murderer of the unfortunate.
The time-travelling manipulator of ghosts.
The zombified relic counterfeiter.
The vampiric strongman.
The canine soul thief.
The grim tyrant of fire.
The psychic blackmailer of magic-users.
The supernatural brute.
The fungoid enslaver of abominations.
The murderous taskmaster of lunatics.
The withdrawn cold-dwelling witch.
The withdrawn diabolic oppressor.
The vampiric blackmailer.


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