Fusion Food Generator

Crazy fusion foods . . . that probably really exist. Inspired by many real and unreal foods, I'm not responsible for any thing you may think, feel, cook, or throw up.

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Your Options:
Deviled Argula with Strawberry sauce
Coconut on Biscuit
Breaded Sweet-and-sour Melt
Orange Bread and Fennel Potato Sweet Potato with Honey sauce
Cashew Hot Dog with Green Pepper sauce
Deviled Spicy Risotto with Sage sauce
Barbecue Vanilla Mayonnaise and Fava Bean Pumpkin with Hollandaise sauce
Hosin Potato and Carrot Lamb
Honey Kale Soup
Jerked Smoked Corned Beef Peach and Cashew Sausage
Seared Sweet-and-sour Leek and Apple Spinach
Oregano Red Pepper Burrito with Red Pepper sauce
Sun-Dried Tomato Octopus with Habanero sauce
Cauliflower Okra on Macaroni
Pumpkin Burger
Barbecue Leek Burdok
Peppered Tabasco Clove and Corn Eggplant on Ravioli
Fava Bean on Pilaf
Deviled Honied Horseradish Burdok on Biscuit
Seared Corned Beef Cheeseburger
Pickled Horseradish Quesadilla with Alfredo sauce
Toasted Bean Slaw
Spiced Wasabi Melt with Oyster sauce
Baked Eggplant
Artichoke Casserole


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